Wednesday, 8 March 2017


My friend Michelle's son Kyle has a quad and recently it would not start so she asked if my hunny would have a look at it.  And of course the answer was "Yes!".

When they brought it round my hunny and Kyle disappeared into the garage while Michelle and I chatted and drank coffee.

Within minutes the quad started as the problem was a burned out fuse.  However my hunny asked that they leave the bike behind to give him an opportunity to do a thorough once over and make sure everything was safe.  Thank heavens they left the bike as my hunny found some problems which made it very dangerous for Kyle to be riding the bike.

Tonight he finished off the repairs and took the quad for a ride down the road and is, as he put it, "as happy as a pig in poo" with the results.  I am sure that Kyle is going to have a lot of fun when he gets to ride the bike again.

 Many of the tools inside the yellow "Motorcycle Special Tools" box are custom made by my hunny to make his servicing of motorbikes easier.  He is an absolute genius!!!!

Thank you my hunny for taking the time to check through this bike with a fine tooth comb and make sure that Kyle will be safe when out riding his quad.  You are heaven sent!!!!

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