Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Scrapbooking is my therapy and therefore I believe I deserve a sanctuary in which to practice.

Here are some photos of my sanctuary ...

  • I removed the heavy curtains and replaced with a sheer curtain which really lightens up the room totally.
  • I bought the tub in the right hand corner of the photo yesterday afternoon and it fits my card stuff perfectly.  I needed to containerize the stuff in the bottom shelf as it gets VERY dusty down there.

  •  Mr Humpty Dumpty (which my Mom knitted 41 years ago) still has pride of place.  Although he is showing some wear I will definitely keep him until he falls apart.
  • Some of my teddies are sitting on the shelf behind my desk and will keep me company while I scrap.

  •  My beautiful pigeon holes ... this piece has definitely paid its dues ... It holds so much of my stash.
  • Wendy gave me the beautiful book stand which I used for a photo frame of my hunny and I.
  • On the table is the reminder of the project I want to get moving on again ... I feel so bad that Jo and Scotty have had to wait so long for their wedding gift ... Hopefully it will be worth the wait! 
  • I like the fact that I now have an L-shaped desk ... it sure makes working in my sanctuary much easier.
  • The two frames in the foreground have my favourite photo of Steph and Connor and then a photo of Connor on his own.
My beautiful new cupboards which is my 2016 Christmas, 2017 Birthday / Valentines / Easter / Anniversary gift from my hunny.  It has taken me an age to get it organized but I am nearly there.
Inside the cupboard ...
  •  I LOVE these Chiswick albums ~ I use the same pattern for a year which means that I did 4 albums for 2014!!!  I also like that they are much more manageable than my post bound albums.
  • The label with the little black dot means that the album is 100% complete.

  • My hunny has been making spines for my post bound albums ... they are looking awesome ~ now I need to make labels for them, laminate the labels and adhere them to the albums.

 And here was the project in progress ... Thanks my hunny!!!!!


  1. It looks amazing!!! It looks so peaceful and happy. I love your organisation. Oh our wedding gift will ge worth the wait, I am 100% sure of it... you have pure talent!! Between you and Richie I don't think there is a talent you two do not have!!! Love you!

    1. Thank you my darling Jo. It will be made with a HUGE amount of love!!!