Sunday, 12 March 2017


My older and youngest sisters, Noleen and Jenny, both celebrate their birthdays this month so we got together today at Walnut Grove in Sandton City for a celebratory breakfast. It was a morning filled with lots of conversation, awesome coffee and really good food!

I love these girls so much and it is always awesome when the five of us get together.

After breakfast we trawled the mall for a while and then homeward bound where I spent a quiet afternoon.

All in all an awesome weekend.
Norma, Noleen and Jenny
Me and Wendy

I gave each of my sisters their Easter gift as well ... although there wasn't too much chocolate in the gifts this sentiment is always true ...

Saturday, 11 March 2017


Blog Post # 845
This morning I went out and did my 42nd 5km ParkRun walk at Victoria Lake ... My time was
00:52:41 ... which is just a couple of seconds off my personal best at Victoria Lake.  I then had breakfast with Noleen and Gordon at Wimpy.

Alison invited me to join her this afternoon at a Crochet/Knitting Meet Up at Mugg & Bean in Cresta.  We were expecting there to be a group of at least 10 ladies but it ended up being just 5 of us.  Ali had also invited our friend Pat Jenkerson along who brought her friend Fran along.  We met a new lady ... not sure how to spell her name ... but she was an absolute delight.  Ali, Pat and Fran did their crocheting and the other lady and I were busy with knitting projects.  I am working on a baby shawl ... and managed to knit 14 rows (x 250 stitches).

We had a lovely afternoon chatting, drinking coffee, eating cake and crafting.  Thanks for the invite Ali!!!!
 And now I am going to 'play' in my scrap room for a bit.

Hope you all had an awesome Saturday!!!!

And remember ....

Thursday, 9 March 2017


This morning I was at Newtown Junction early, as usual, and popped into Wimpy to work before the meeting I was attending at 8:30.

I had two awesome cups of coffee and a Sunrise Breakfast.  Thankfully I had the breakfast as I told my Mom not to bother packing me lunch as I was sure they would serve something ... when I got into the room there were toasted sandwiches sweating away under cling wrap and some muffins and by lunch time they were mostly finished so I ate my carrots and fruit.  It 
was awesome to be part of the meeting and get to interact with the managers that I look after all at once.

My friend Anna-Marie sent me this picture of her precious grand-daughter ... doesn't it look like she is actually reading this book?

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


My friend Michelle's son Kyle has a quad and recently it would not start so she asked if my hunny would have a look at it.  And of course the answer was "Yes!".

When they brought it round my hunny and Kyle disappeared into the garage while Michelle and I chatted and drank coffee.

Within minutes the quad started as the problem was a burned out fuse.  However my hunny asked that they leave the bike behind to give him an opportunity to do a thorough once over and make sure everything was safe.  Thank heavens they left the bike as my hunny found some problems which made it very dangerous for Kyle to be riding the bike.

Tonight he finished off the repairs and took the quad for a ride down the road and is, as he put it, "as happy as a pig in poo" with the results.  I am sure that Kyle is going to have a lot of fun when he gets to ride the bike again.

 Many of the tools inside the yellow "Motorcycle Special Tools" box are custom made by my hunny to make his servicing of motorbikes easier.  He is an absolute genius!!!!

Thank you my hunny for taking the time to check through this bike with a fine tooth comb and make sure that Kyle will be safe when out riding his quad.  You are heaven sent!!!!


Scrapbooking is my therapy and therefore I believe I deserve a sanctuary in which to practice.

Here are some photos of my sanctuary ...

  • I removed the heavy curtains and replaced with a sheer curtain which really lightens up the room totally.
  • I bought the tub in the right hand corner of the photo yesterday afternoon and it fits my card stuff perfectly.  I needed to containerize the stuff in the bottom shelf as it gets VERY dusty down there.

  •  Mr Humpty Dumpty (which my Mom knitted 41 years ago) still has pride of place.  Although he is showing some wear I will definitely keep him until he falls apart.
  • Some of my teddies are sitting on the shelf behind my desk and will keep me company while I scrap.

  •  My beautiful pigeon holes ... this piece has definitely paid its dues ... It holds so much of my stash.
  • Wendy gave me the beautiful book stand which I used for a photo frame of my hunny and I.
  • On the table is the reminder of the project I want to get moving on again ... I feel so bad that Jo and Scotty have had to wait so long for their wedding gift ... Hopefully it will be worth the wait! 
  • I like the fact that I now have an L-shaped desk ... it sure makes working in my sanctuary much easier.
  • The two frames in the foreground have my favourite photo of Steph and Connor and then a photo of Connor on his own.
My beautiful new cupboards which is my 2016 Christmas, 2017 Birthday / Valentines / Easter / Anniversary gift from my hunny.  It has taken me an age to get it organized but I am nearly there.
Inside the cupboard ...
  •  I LOVE these Chiswick albums ~ I use the same pattern for a year which means that I did 4 albums for 2014!!!  I also like that they are much more manageable than my post bound albums.
  • The label with the little black dot means that the album is 100% complete.

  • My hunny has been making spines for my post bound albums ... they are looking awesome ~ now I need to make labels for them, laminate the labels and adhere them to the albums.

 And here was the project in progress ... Thanks my hunny!!!!!

Monday, 6 March 2017


I can't believe it is Monday evening already and we are well into March.

On Friday morning my friend Linda Le Warne and I met my 'boyfriend' Ian Sim for breakfast at Olivias in Northcliff.  We had an awesome time catching up with him after the untimely death of his beautiful son.  It was a very emotional but beautiful morning.

I popped into Lakeview and had coffee with my friend Sam and managed to get in a few minutes with my friend AnnaMarie before driving through to Nedbank Park to attend a Recognition Function with the team there.  It was a surprisingly fun event with great food and absolutely awesome interactions with the staff.  Every day I feel like more and more a part of the team of this new business I am part of.

I did my ParkRun on Saturday morning ... unfortunately part of the path was really wet and if you tried the grass it was totally water logged (I first walked on the grass and then through the puddle on the path) so walking about 3km's with soaking wet shoes caused me to hurt my legs but I did a rather good time ...
Victoria Lake Parkrun results for event #32. 
Your time was 00:54:47
Congratulations on completing your 41st parkrun and your 4th at Victoria Lake parkrun today. 
I had a long bath in the afternoon to soak away the aches and pains.

On Sunday morning I popped into the office to fetch some work I needed to do before my next visit to the office on Wednesday.  I met the family at Mugg & Bean at Panorama Centre so that we could have lunch and have our cars washed at the same time.  I was bitterly disappointed in the service and the horrendous meal I got ... which I sent back twice and ended up not eating at all.  And then when I got to my car it was not cleaned properly either ... REALLY!!!!!
When we got home I decided to work on some trays for a friend at work ... She came to my desk the other day to check if I was OK and was very impressed with the tray I have on my desk which is my coaster ... She said she would love some for her friends so I decided to see if I could still do decoupage and actually enjoyed it a lot.  On my way home today I popped in at PNA to get some varnish and felt to put on the bottom ... I am so happy with them as they look bright and cheerful.  Here is what they look like at the moment ...


This morning I had a meeting at Nedbank Park and as usual I was there at the crack of dawn.  This is the beautiful cuppaccino that Tapelo delivered to me at 6h50.  It tasted as good as it looks.

Now I am off to have dinner and then do some work in my scrapbook room so that I can share photos real soon.

Hope your Monday treated you real well and that it is the beginning to an awesome week!!!!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Our lounge suite was showing serious signs of wear and although we loved it we knew it had to be replaced.  

We popped into Cori Craft on 30 December 2016 and came across a lovely L-shaped suite.  And like our mattress my hunny sat down and sat and sat and sat and the more he sat the more he liked the suite.  He decided that we needed one like this and the rest, as they say, is history.

It has taken a while for me to get used to the new set up as the lounge looks very different to before however my hunny LOVES it ... When it was delivered he immediately secured his "place" where he watches TV, mostly with his eyes closed!!! LOL!!!!

My birthday gift from Wendy was this gorgeous throw from Cori Craft (which we picked up at a 50% discount ~ and it was still expensive with that massive discount!!!) and a cerise pink orchard.

The cushions are from Mr Price and the curtains I picked up at Chamdor Faktry Sales.