Sunday, 18 February 2018


Today started out great ... We got to sleep in a bit late, went to the car wash before it got busy and had breakfast ~ where I got to chat to my hunny.  Our cars were even cleaned better than ever before.

My nephew Nicholas' son turned 10 on 2 February and when I asked what he would like for his birthday he said a lemon meringue pie.  So I eventually baked the lemon meringue for him and on the way home from the car wash we stopped at Woolies and got him a shirt and top to put with the pie.  We dropped it off at their house as they were out and later this afternoon I got a call from him to say "thank you" and that he had already had of the lemon meringue and enjoyed it.  I had made a second one for my hunny and it was goooooooddddddd ~ even if I must say so myself.

I have spent most of the day updating my blog ~ Another big one off the To Do List!!! Up to date on January, still got some stuff for December and now I think I am up to date on February!!!!  Yippeeeee!!!!

Then the day got even better when I received this beautiful photo from Jo ... This little face lights up my day totally!!!!!

I am going to do a few more blog posts and tidying up of photos and then going to watch some TV with my hunny and crochet.

Hope your weekend has been awesome.


I have been rather productive since I learned to crochet in August / September last year and I absolutely love this new hobby of mine!!!

Some of my project to date are:
  • Charity Project for Ry Ma In:  Our crochet group decided to make blankets for the residents of Ry Ma In in Linden.  We have all contributed lovingly to this project.  I don't know how many squares I have done in total but have a lot of wool to continue with this project until it is done.
  • I completed and delivered 4 baby blankets to Nats in December for her future grandchildren.
  • My first ever crochet project was delivered to Jo in December for Master AJ.
  • I made a knee blanket for my Mom for Christmas.
  • I am busy with a grey scarf for a friend's birthday gift see photo.
  • I made two small blankets for Ali's fur babies.
  • While on holiday in New Zealand I made Nats a knee blanket for her birthday ... I used some New Zealand wool and also some wool made in Turkey.  Every time someone asked me what I was making I said "it is a project" which of course made it a nice surprise when Nats opened her birthday gift.

  • I taught Kelly how to crochet a basic granny square ... While we were there she made this cute blanket and delivered it to AJ.
  • I am busy making a baby blanket for a friend who is having a baby in April ... I better work faster on that one before the baby gets here and I am not finished with it :) 
  • Ali and I went on a course to The Yarn Tree last Saturday and we learned some new stitches ... I am thinking of making this into a scarf and repeating these rows on the other end.
  • I have lots of wool for many more projects which will keep me busy for a long time which makes me very happy!!!

Saturday, 17 February 2018


17 February 2018: Today was our bi-monthly crochet get-together.  Ali sent this message out on our group this morning at 06h48 and I was in the kitchen baking banana bread and lemon meringue pie.  My nephew Nicholas' son Anthony asked for a Lemon Meringue pie as his birthday gift ... soooooo sweet!!!!!

I was not sure if I was going to be able to make our meeting today as our geyser was not working and I needed to shower.  When I told Alison that I couldn't shower she said come on over and shower at my house which I duly did.  

We then met the rest of the girls at Silver Birch @ Lifestyle Garden Centre in Randpark Ridge.  We had a lovely afternoon chatting, crocheting and eating lovely food followed by yummy lemon meringue pie.
Caron, Ali, me, Anne, Gina and Pat

Some of the squares I crocheted for the project
We are making good progress with our squares for the blankets we are donating to Ry Ma In in Linden.  We gave Pat the following squares today: Ali = 19 / Me = 17 / Gina = 16.

Thanks for an awesome afternoon girls.

Friday, 16 February 2018


16 February 2018: Today is one of those days that goes down in the "That's the first time I've done that" books.

I received an invite to the Gr. Jhb Region's Recognition Function which was being held today @ Kwa Lichaba in Vilakazi Street, Soweto and although I felt like an after thought I decided that I would go along.  I had a meeting in Sandton this morning and rushed through to Lakeview and got a lift through to Soweto with Deon Seyffert who is one of my area managers.  We were a bit early and relaxed while they cleaned around us (they have a lot of white leather couches which must be a killer to keep clean).  I was a bit surprised that at 13h00 they were not ready for a function that was starting at 13h30.

The venue was Kwa Lichaba and the internet has this to say about it: Located on the edge of the most famous street in South Africa (Vilakazi Street), Kwa Lichaba offers an authentic chesa nyama experience in a chilled and relaxed environment. What’s more, you don’t come out smelling like you went through a smoke storm, which is always the price you pay for braaing your own meat. 

Now as people who know me know ... #1. I don't eat pap and #2. I don't eat with my fingers.  Well there was pap on the menu which I avoided and I dished up a piece of wors and a chop which I had to eat with my fingers ... it was so good that I even licked my fingers afterwards ~ it was some of the best wors I have ever eaten and the chop was cooked to perfection ... I must say that I would definitely go back for that meat again.

I didn't take many pictures because I thought I could get some on the intenet but the photos that are there do not depict the place as it looks now ... according to Nolo (who I do have some photos with) they have renovated extensively since the last time she was there.  All in all a lovely afternoon.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


15 February 2018: I crocheted two blankets for Ali's babies which I gave to her last weekend after our crochet workshop.  

Here is a beautiful photo that Ali sent me tonight as it is rather chilly with a message "Thank you for my blankie Aunty Lynn! I'm coooold tonight".

I am so happy Malaika loves her blanket as it was made with lots of love!!!!  

Love you girls!!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


If I had to choose a Valentine I would choose this gorgeous man over and over again a million times!!!!
 I snapped this picture quickly this morning before I drove out the driveway.  I am one of those lucky girls who gets her bags carried to the car in the mornings ... How lucky am I!!!!!  Now that's more romantic than all the flowers and chocolates in the world.

Thank you my hunny!!!!  Love you endlessly.