Sunday, 12 May 2019


We were invited to lunch today by Carol and Frik van der Merwe ~my future daughter-in-law's parents to celebrate Frik's 60th and Mothers Day.

We met at Werner's Bistro in Bedfordview at 12h30 ... And it turned into a stunning afternoon filled with lively chatter and awesome food.

My hunny had a salmon starter while I chose carpaccio followed by schnitzels ... my hunny unfortunately got chicken instead of veal but mine was perfect with emmentaler cheese on top.  My hunny had two slices of the beautiful chocolate cake that Steph baked for her Dad ... I unfortunately don't like chocolate cake so I had ice-cream and chocolate sauce (which was good but I make better chocolate sauce).  The service was really good although the time between the starter and mains was VERY long but we filled it up chatting up a storm and the food was really worth the wait.

We left the restaurant around 16h30 and came home and my hunny immediately lay down on the couch and fell asleep.

I LOVE this photo of my boy and me ...
 And I captured this sweet pic of Connor and Steph ...
Hope you all had a stunning Mothers Day!!!

Saturday, 16 March 2019


Ali and I attended the Crochet For CANSA Fundraiser today.

I fetched Ali at her house and boy was I glad we decided to drive together as the venue was a VERY FAR drive but certainly worth every second.

We arrived a bit early and indulged in a cappuccino in the beautiful Anja's Tea Garden.  Their crockery and cutlery is absolutely beautiful ... sooooo up my alley!!!!

They have stables that have been converted into little shops ... so we had a stroll around before going and finding our tables.  We were seated outside and at first I was a bit unimpressed but then when the heat and load shedding hit I was delighted to be seated in the cool and the natural light. 

One of the ladies at our table, Hannie, is a survivor of stage 3 breast cancer ... It was awesome to meet her, her Mom and her niece. Lauren Ackerman filled out our table of 6.

The project was set by Karen Adendorff and I got a bit frustrated with it so I was happy that I had brought my own project with so instead of feeling overwhelmed I worked on that.

We were THOROUGHLY spoiled by the organizers and all the sponsors.  We got a lovely lunch and then we left a bit early to go and look for ice-cream which we found on our way to the highway.

When I got home the power was out ... thanks to our wonderful load shedding :( :( :( so when we went to fetch Mom at the casino we stopped in at Spur for a burger.

The project
Ali finished the project
Our lunch box
The contents of our lunch box
Lauren Ackerman (who sat our table) took this photo of our 'haul' and posted it on the What'sApp group ... There was just too much stuff for me to do a photo of it.  We each got a Spar shopping bag with magazines, liquorice allsorts, Lindor balls, the project and then this plastic container with an awesome stash of stuff.  We each also got a gift out of a lucky draw ... I got an Elle pattern book, crochet hooks, some cotton, stitch markers and a key ring.

We came away feeling totally spoiled.  Thank you Marlene and Elza and of course my 'partner in crime' Alison for an awesome day!!!

Monday, 11 March 2019


I keep wanting to give credit to my friend Lynette Jacobs when I use one of her pages as inspiration for my layout ... Eventually here I am doing just that.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

MINNIE MOUSE ... From Johannesburg to Half Moon Bay, New Zealand

Checked in and ready to go
My friend Sam's Brother, Sister-in-law and Niece have recently moved to Half Moon Bay in New Zealand.  I asked Sam if there was anything they wanted me to take over when we went on our trip.  Her Mom sent this cute little Minnie Mouse and Sam and Petrus sent a beanie.

I decided that it would be HORRIBLE for Minnie to spend the trip in my suitcase so she traveled with me ... Here is her story about her journey from Jhb to her new home ...

Aunty Lynn's future daughter-in-law Steph came with us to the airport (so she could drive their car back home) and her son Connor met us there after work to say "Bye".  Our flight was more than an hour late leaving Johannesburg ... Aunty Lynn says this is just typical of Qantas Airlines.

Connor came to say "Bye"
An hour late but we are now in the air
Sydney here we come
Breakfast is served
We are now on our way from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand ... We weren't able to take any photos in the Sydney airport as our next flight was held back for us as we left Johannesburg late and there were more than 90 people on our flight who needed to catch the connecting flight to Auckland.

Auckland, New Zealand!!!!
We had a bit of an issue at the airport ... When we went to collect our bags we found that Aunty Lynn's bag was not there.  Someone had mistaken it for theirs and taken it.  It took us more than an hour to sort that out and then we were on our way to The Baker's house in Greenhithe.  I managed to sleep in the car from the airport to their house.

I stayed at Aunty Natalie's house in Greenhithe, Auckland for a week.

Today I am going to meet my new family and see my new house for the first time ... I am so excited!!!!

Here we are waiting for the bus from Greenhithe, just in front of the Pony Club, to Constellation (which is like Ghandi Square in Johannesburg) where we will catch another bus into Britomart in the city.  Aunty Lynn is stressing that we are going to be late for the ferry!

I enjoyed the bus ride into the city ... We went over the Auckland Bridge.  There is so much water and so many boats everywhere ... No wonder it is called the City of A Million Sails.

Aunty Lynn can stop stressing now ... We are on time, bought our tickets and waiting for the ferry to arrive.  Thankfully the weather is really good.

My first trip on a ferry was awesome ... There were so many people out on the water having fun in the beautiful weather.  I can't wait to get to my new home which is called Half Moon Bay and meet Amy and her Mom and Dad.

Michelle and Amy met us at the Ferry and we went to my new house for coffee ... Amy was very happy to meet me and Aunty Lynn managed to get this photo of her and I on our swing.

I stayed at home while my new family took Aunty Lynn and Uncle Richard for a walk down at the water and then dropped them back at the Ferry to meet with their friends The Parkers for the afternoon.
 Thank you for getting me safely to my new home!!!!!  Minnie Mouse van den Berg