Wednesday, 26 December 2018


26 December 2018: After an afternoon spent in front of the computer updating my blog Mom treated us to dinner at Roco Mama's @ The Glen tonight.  It was awesome to have Connor home with us before he goes to spend a week at Steph's house while her parents are away.
 Connor called me outside to look at this beautiful sky ...


26 December 2018: This morning I fetched Noleen and Gordon at their house to take them to the airport.  
  •  You need to understand that they only just returned on the 24th from a week in Mauritius with their youngest son Dean and his wife.  
  • They spent Christmas day with their daughter Gina and son-in-law Chad, their grand-daughter AnaBela and my Mom.
  • Then today they are off for their usual 10 days in Umhlanga ... the only difference is that my nephew Nicholas and his family are in Mauritius this year ~ in years past they have spent their holiday in Umhlanga as well.  So this year is going to be a bit different for them as they will be down there on their own.  If they hadn't already booked their holiday at the beginning of the year they would have stayed longer in Mauritius as they had a blast.
We had breakfast at Coffee + Cream at the airport ... it was awesome spending some time with them.
Have an awesome time in Umhlanga!!!!


Or sometimes a necessity!!!


My friend AnnaMarie brought a little bag to work one day to show me ... She said "Kyk wat het my Ma gemaak" and I got seriously excited that I had found "the gift" for Christmas!!!

I proceeded to order 18 of them ... then had to order some more ... and then some more!!!!  Here are some of them ... 

She had to jump in and help her Mom out to get them all finished although they were delivered in more than enough time and some of them ahead of schedule.

The first bags I delivered were to Ali and Leonie at our Scrap Addicts Christmas Weekend.  They LOVED their bags and when I told AnnaMarie she sent me this photo with the caption: "Wys hulle die hande wat hulle sakkies gemaak het".  This is a photo of her Mom's hands and although she has pain in them she still works so hard!!!!  I love supporting her!!

AnnaMarie told her Mom that next time she designs something she must give more than enough 'notice' for the orders to be fulfilled.😁😁😁

So her work is now also international as I sent one to Taryn and her little sister Olivia for Christmas.  Next year they will be in New Zealand as well.

I was lucky enough to get one of these bags from AnnaMarie for Christmas and have been using it as it fits my purse, cell phone, glasses and car keys.  I also want it to be my travel bag when we go to NZ next year.

I believe it is key that we support entrepreneurs ... no matter their age!!!!