Thursday, 8 June 2017

C.A.S.E. = Copy And Steal Everything

My special friend over at My life ... Perfectly Imperfect is one of my inspirations... she does the most amazing pages and I decided that I would C.A.S.E. (Copy And Steal Everything) this layout of hers.  Of course she embellishes MUCH better than me but I gave it a go ...

This is her layout ...

 And this is mine ...

Sunday, 21 May 2017


This is what I wrote in a blogpost about April ...

If these 3 things get done, I will consider the month a success.
1.  Finish the wedding album I am working on
2.  Knit at least 10 rows three times a week
3.  Complete at least 2 ParkRuns (walk) in the month.

My feedback ...

1. I got the album to 99% finished on 1 May 2017.
2.  I knitted like a trojan on the blanket and did more than 10 rows per night.
3.  I did 2 ParkRuns.

It is always handy to set intentions as you have something to work towards.
Next intention list will have to be for June.


21 May 2017: This morning started off gently with me reading for a while before I got in the shower.  I got Danielle Steel's new book Dangerous Games recently and started it last night (I finished The Mistress yesterday when I spent about 4 hours in the bath ~ my favourite place with a good book!!!).

Noleen, Wendy, Jenny and I met at Second Cup in Randridge for brunch today.  Norma was unfortunately not available as she had another arrangement.  It was an ideal venue for Wendy as she lives 5 minutes away.

As usual we had lots to talk about and catch up on and after a lovely meal we had a look at the shops and then came home.

Second Cup is a coffee shop under the trees and is open Tuesday to Sunday ~ I was a little worried about the weather but today was a beautifully warm winter's day in Johannesburg.
Wendy and Noleen
Me and Jenny
Every evening I plan on updating my blog but that is as far as it goes ... So this afternoon I decided I would get one thing ticked off my "To Do" list  ... Linda Wood ~ Hope you are happy my friend!!! LOL!!!!

When I am finished here I am going to do some admin work which has also been on the "To Do" list for weeks!!! and this evening I will finish up the page I have sitting on my scrapbook table.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

HIGH TEA @ Capsicum

20 May 2017: Steph is doing a culinary qualification at Capsicum in Boksburg.  Yesterday the students hosted a High Tea in the gardens of the college.  The students had to do the decorating of the venue plus all the food and they did a really awesome job.

We had a lovely afternoon with Steph's parents, Carol & Frik, and Connor.

Steph made the beautiful macaroon tower as the feature on the table where all the eats were ... it was spectacular.
This is the view from where I was sitting ... beautiful!!!
 The students can be really proud of their efforts!

Sunday, 14 May 2017


14 May 2017: This morning Connor and Steph took us to Just Darling at Mall of the South to celebrate Mother's Day.  We wandered around a bit until they had a table for us and then had a lovely breakfast.
Steph took this lovely photo of the three of us.
Love these two!!!!

 I got beautiful roses and a Sorbet voucher from Connor and Steph and Mom got the Sing movie which she has been wanting to see.

I bought Mom and I these poncho's to wear in the house when it is chilly ... they are super soft and wonderfully warm.

After breakfast Connor and Steph went through to her house to have lunch with her family and I spent the afternoon quietly at home.

Saturday, 6 May 2017


 6 May 2017: Today Mom went to the Casino and asked if we wanted to have dinner there.  We decided to try the new Chinese restaurant Xin Xin but when we sat down we found that a plate of soup was R103 ... which is totally ridiculous so we left and went to our favourite Chinese restaurant Foo Wah where you pay R115 for a dinner menu which has 5 different items ~ soup, prawns, chicken, sweet 'n sour pork, green tea & bow ties!!!

We laughed at Steph when they brought the green tea and she said that it tasted like water from the swimming pool ... Connor asked her how much water she drinks from the swimming pool!!!

Strangely enough Connor really likes the green tea which he would not touch when he was younger.

Monday, 1 May 2017


Since Ali and I spent a week scrapbooking at the Convent a few years ago we have been looking for another time where we could spend longer than a weekend scrapbooking.  This weekend presented the perfect opportunity!!!  Thursday was a holiday so I took Friday off and today was also a holiday.

28 April: I packed my car this morning and managed to get everything safely in the boot.  I had to do some bills quickly before I left and drove through to Ali a bit later than I would have liked to but got to her at 08h30 due to the traffic thankfully being very quiet.  

We did a quick catch-up over a cuppa coffee, I unpacked all my stuff and set up my work area and we were up and at it.

We went across the road to Urban Angel for a quick lunch and then back to Ali's place to scrap until dinner where we had soup which my Mom had made and delicious toast.  I scrapped until around 1am.

29 April: This morning by the time Leonie joined us I had already completed a double layout.  I had done some work setting it up last night so it went super quickly this morning.  We had a wonderful time catching up and a delicious breakfast and then dove straight back into our scrapping.  We popped out to Lifestyle for lunch and I had a delicious bobootie pie.  Dinner was soup again and we scrapped late into the night again.

30 April: Ali made us another scrumptious breakfast and we scrapped until lunch time where we had a stunning pumpkin pie made by Ali and Simply Asia take-away.   Ali also made us a freezo-chino which was delicious.  Leonie unfortunately left us this afternoon as she has things to take care of tomorrow.  We continue scrapping until much later.

1 May: This morning I did the last page of the formal wedding album and then started sorting my stuff out so that when I get home I can just pack everything away. I cannot believe how quickly these 4 days have passed by but I am VERY happy with how much I have gotten done.

Each time I took a photo of one of my pages I had a precious little "quality surveyor" checking out the pages!!!

I have not posted any photos of the pages I have done as I want Jo and Scott to receive the album first and then I will share all the pages.  I have however been teasing her with little snippets of pages ...
I love this quote from The Little Mermaid
Hand stitching on this page
 The stamping on this page looks like it is part of the page
 Some more "old technology" on these two pages where I used paint and large letter stamps.
OK ... so here is one page to tempt you!!!!