Sunday, 1 July 2018


Norma sent this photo of us which was taken in about 1974 on our Sisters What'sApp Group recently ...

Wendy, Norma, Me and Noleen
 Oh how we have changed ...

 Wendy, Me, Norma and Noleen

 Wendy, Jenny, Me, Noleen and Norma

Wendy, Taryn, Me, Jenny, Norma and Noleen


I am very fortunate that Jo keeps me updated with photos of AJ (remember he was born while we were in New Zealand in December).  He is growing so quickly and I miss him so very much ... Here are two of my favourite recent photos of him with his gorgeous Mommy ...


A message I received on our anniversary
We celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary on the 27th June ~ The years have just sped by.  We had a quiet evening at home ... me inside crocheting and my hunny working in his workshop AND a 1.5 hour power outage.  

We went out last night to celebrate ... just the two of us as Connor and Steph had other plans.  We decided on Grand Life Cafe at Mall Of The South and we had a lovely time.

 I count myself as the luckiest girl alive being married to this guy.  Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him.

My yummy creme brulee dessert

Connor gave me these beautiful flowers


There are two children in my family that I could not love more if I had given birth to them myself and that is my first born nephew Nicholas and my niece Taryn ~ I never knew I could love two kids like I love them.

When I think about them the Afrikaans phrase 'My Hart Se Punt' comes to mind.  Now there are certain sayings in Afrikaans that are so difficult to translate into English and this is one of them.  I went looking on the net and found this written by someone "'my hart se punt' naturally as sentiments go, a literal translation would sound as ridiculous as 'apple of my eye' ... but that's just it, it isn't it.  We're talking sentiment.  And the heart just simply doesn't 'think' along set logical paths"  So it is very difficult to explain my love for these kids.

I love the way I am looking at Taryn in this photo ... She is beautiful inside and out!!!

Saturday, 30 June 2018


I wrote this post a long time ago and am only posting it today however this forecast stays the same for each and every day ...

I have completed a number of crochet projects recently ... here is news about some of them:

Our crochet group finished the project we were doing for Ry Ma In in Linden ... each resident got a blanket created from the squares we each crocheted.

We are working on an awesome new project of  blankets, scarves and food for the Gerald Fitzpatric House and Nursing Home where their mission is to provide a self-sustaining, independent and secure home for elderly ladies of limited means).  We found out about GFH through one of Ali's colleagues.  I have made a couple of scarves like this one ...


And then I did this awesome wrap and I have done another one in plain grey which is also really pretty.  I found this pattern called "Jacob's Ladder" on You Tube and just loved creating it.  I also made one like this for my precious niece who visited us from America this month.
I made my precious friend Ian two scarves for his birthday in May and then this one for Connor which he has worn constantly ... Makes his Mom very happy.  He left it at home this weekend so I quickly threw it into the washing machine today.

And then this is another one I made for Taryn and I made a matching one for her to take home to little sister Olivia who likes dressing the same as Taryn.  When I was busy crocheting it my friend Michelle saw it and said she liked the wool so I made her one as well.

Last night I finished off this cute blanket to give to the little son of the security guard at the shop at the end of our road.  I had so much fun crocheting it and although it is not perfect I made it with lots of love.

I had this camo wool in my stash for years and decided to crochet up a scarf and I gifted it to Ali's brother who is CRAZY about camo.  I hope he gets a lot of wear out of it.  He is visiting Ali this weekend with his family so she will be able to give it to him.

Sunday, 17 June 2018


17 June 2018: Yesterday we had a problem with our geyser and the insurance decided to replace it (that is after we had problems with it in February this year).  The guys battled to get it out and Richie suggested that before they drop it that they slide it down a ladder.  When it hit the ground it broke open ... which showed that the bottom section was totally soaked with water so it was good that it was replaced before it did more damage.  We believe this is the original geyser from when the house was built in 1955.  

Richie had a lot of work to get done in his workshop and lost the day due to having to be in the house while this work was being carried out.

We wanted to take him out for breakfast this morning but gave him a "pass" until a later date so that he could then catch up in the workshop.  Unfortunately that was not to be ...

This morning I woke up and went to jump in the shower and when I switched on the hot water the water came rushing out the tiles in the shower and also in the kitchen ... HUH???  Now the hot water pipe has burst :( ... We called the same people who came out yesterday and they sent Junior to come and have a look.  The two of them, Junior and my hunny, got to work bashing a trench in the wall ... thankfully they went right across the bathroom wall as the pipe had a hole on the other end as well.  The work got done quicker because the two of them were working on it.

This has resulted in my hunny getting NO work done in his workshop this morning either.  They replaced the hot water pipe but now the wall still has this gaping trench in it and the shower floor is damaged from all the rubble ... eeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!

When they were finished my hunny did go to his workshop and get a few things done.

Connor had spent the day at Steph's house and he called his Dad and asked if he wanted to go to RocoMama's for dinner ... so off we went and had a lovely evening.
My gorgeous boys


Taryn put this sweet message to her Richie on facebook for Fathers Day ...

Wendy Loubser
Wendy Loubser The love he has for my girl warms my . So much more than just an uncle. Thank you "our superman" for loving us. And thank you Lynn Gladwin for sharing him with us
Lynn Gladwin
Lynn Gladwin Always and forever!!!! He is one awesome human being