Friday, 14 April 2017


 14 April 2017: Today started out really slowly ~ I did some catching up on Facebook and as I only go onto Facebook once in a while there is always so much to catch up on.  I eventually jumped in the shower and when asked by Mom what we wanted for lunch we decided to go to the Circus Cafe for a pizza ... I called Connor, as he is house sitting at Steph's house while they are in Cape Town, and he came through to the house and we drove to the Circus together.  Of course I had to take photos ...

This would be the perfect photo if only my hunny's eyes were open!!!


 I walked around a bit and took some photos while waiting for lunch ... It was so awesome to see my hunny and my boy chatting up a storm.

I spent the afternoon in front of the TV knitting ... My blanket has really grown since the photo I took on the 2nd.  I knitted 30 rows today!

I'm off to bed ... Hope everyone had a restful day today remembering the reason for the holiday.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


13 April 2017: This morning I had a hearing at our offices in Meadowdale.  As usual I was on the road early ... When I came off the highway at Barbara Road I took this photo of the beautiful morning sky ...
Thankfully the hearing went well and I worked at the offices the rest of the day and the traffic coming home wasn't too bad.

Connor left to go to Steph's house after dinner and I spent the evening quietly knitting in front of the TV while my hunny prepared for his weekend away (he leaves on Saturday morning) ~ an awesome end to a good day.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


10 & 11 April 2017: We had the privilege of having a two day meeting at my favourite place ... Olwazini.  I drove through at my usual time although our meeting was only starting at 9 which gave me time to do a few things before the meeting started.  Now what better view could you have for a meeting than this?

We sat outside at lunch time on Monday ... Sooooo beautiful!
The very same view on Tuesday morning!
After our meeting we checked into our rooms and relaxed until 18h30 when we met at the pub for a pre-dinner drink.  We enjoyed chatting over a delicious dinner and then relaxed in the lounge for a while before retiring to our rooms where I watched a bit of TV and knitted some ... what a wonderful way to wind down for the evening.

I slept really well and even got to lie in a bit as there was no traffic to worry about.  After a yummy breakfast our second day started out fantastically as my friend Linda Le Warne (who is also my boss' boss) came to chat to us for the first two hours of our meeting ~ what a treat!!!!  The rest of the day went really well and we got to leave a bit earlier and miss the traffic on the way home!

Sunday, 9 April 2017


9 April 2017: Linda and I have been friends for more than 26 years and I treasure her friendship.  

We have started a bit of a tradition where we pamper ourselves at the end of Quarter 1 ~ this is the busiest time in the year for us in HR as we have to make sure that all our staff have a performance rating on the system and then comes the work with the increase exercise followed VERY closely with the recognition process.  For Linda being the head of HR for Retail and Business Banking this is a manic time and I don't know how she keeps her head above water but she does it elegantly and with immense kindness ... I forgot to say that she is one awesome human being!!!
Fairway Spa

This morning we met at Olivia's in Northcliff for breakfast and then went to the Spa at the Fairway Hotel on the Randpark Golf Course ... I never even knew this place existed!!!

We had a wonderful back massage and a facial and WOW!!!! do I feel spoiled.  After the treatment we had a salad and did some serious catching up.
Thank you for spoiling me my friend!!!

What an awesome end to the weekend!!!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

COFFEE ... need I say more?

 Coffee Art ... By Tapelo, Eat Fresh @ Nedbank Park, Selby


One of the ladies at work saw the little tray I have on my desk for my coffee cup and really liked it so I tried my hand at decoupage again ... The four dark ones are the ones I made for her and the others I gave to the girls at our scrapbooking day on 18th March at Featherbrooke.  I added a mug, an easter egg and some coffee sachets.

My friend Sanet sent me this picture of her tray and mug which she really loves.   I love giving hand made gifts to people who appreciate the work that goes into it.

I saw this cute little owl ring the other day ~ which is supposed to be worn under your knuckle ~ and added it to a surprise care package I put in the mail for my darling niece Taryn in the States.  The price of postage is hideous however I hope she loves what I sent over for her.  Can't wait for her to get the package already!!!!
Wendy gave me this beautiful chair which she had painted herself for my scrapbooking sanctuary.  On a visit to Chamdor Faktory Shop I bought the material and foam and my hunny was going to cut me a piece of wood so that I could make the seat.  I waited .... and waited .... and waited.  Then we got a little advertising booklet in the mailbox and I found a place down in Regents Park called Ursula's so I took the chair there ... I was a bit worried when I got to the place because it is rather upside down and didn't look very professional ... however when I went to collect my chair a few days later and saw the workmanship I was thoroughly delighted ... and this beautiful work for all of R150

 My knitting project is really moving along nicely ... I have done more work on it since I took this photo and am well on track to get it finished by my deadline.  We have another meet-up which Alison has organized for us on the 17th April ~ can't wait to see how the girls projects are coming along and to show off mine.

My friend Samantha went to the Drakensberg last weekend with her family and sent me these two awesome photos ... she knows how much I love sunset and sunrise ...

We have had a LOT of moths in the house lately ... This one was particularly beautiful ...

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


5 April 2017: These two came walking down the passage together this morning and I just had to take a photo of them ... They truly own my heart!!!!

Look how handsome they look in their black pants and white shirts!