Sunday, 4 November 2018


It is that time of year again when I do cards for my friend Sam's Mom ~ I don't know why but every year I get myself into a state about designing the cards ... And every year they love what I do ~ Eeeek!!!

This isn't a great photo but shows the bones of the card.  I am happy with how it turned out with the sewing and texture paste on it. 

 My friend Marian decided on personalised Christmas cards ... So I made her 10 of these.  Where the silver square is she is going to insert a photo of their family.

I also made here some generic Christmas Cards.

I had a bit of a giggle the other day when Marian sent me this photo with a note saying "Do you remember this?  I still use it".


I have this pot in my front garden with a Lily plant in it ... And at most it gives us one flower a year.

This year we have been blessed with a number of flowerings ... This is the most beautiful one yet ... 3 at one time!!!!


I have fallen in love with this layout that my friend Lynette Jacobs in PE did recently ... I have used it as inspiration for the front page of 3 gift albums I made recently ...

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


31 October 2018: Irma, who works in our Saswitch team, had her baby on 2nd October so her manager Sanet and I decided we would pop over and visit her to see this new bundle of joy.  OMGoodness!!!! He is absolutely beautiful.  We had a lovely visit cuddling him and chatting with Irma.

She seems like an absolutely natural and unflappable Mom.

Thanks for letting us visit and cuddle your little man Irma!!!!

When I saw this precious photo of Ilan which Irma sent to me with a caption "We woke up for coffee" I just knew that I had to gift her an album with the first page done with this photo.

Sunday, 21 October 2018


21 October 2018: Jo invited us to an early dinner this evening at RocoMamas, The Glen.  As Connor had not seen her yet I asked him to join us and his reply "I wouldn't be anywhere else!!!".  Connor has always loved Jo A LOT!!!!  

Jo was so excited when she saw Connor and was very happy to meet Steph.  We had a lovely evening with Jo, Scott, AJ, Jo's Aunty Margot and her family and her Great Aunt Jenny.

It was sad to say goodbye to them tonight however my hunny and I will be seeing them again in 4 months time!!!!!
Again in a bit of a panic about a gift ... I decided to start another another album for AJ ~ It is his Christening early in November (which we unfortunately cannot attend), then his first Christmas followed by his first birthday.  Jo had had these beautiful photos taken while in PE of their little family with her Oupa, Dad and his wife.  I just had to scrapbook them ...

This beautiful photo has lots of smaller photos placed over it which makes it look antique.

I am so happy that Jo got these priceless photos of AJ and her Oupa.
 See you in New Zealand in February 2019 my precious Jo, Scotty and AJ!!!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2018


When we were in Zaagkuil for our Spring Scrap-a-thon I worked hard on getting this album done.

I finished the last page minutes before I had to pack up to come home.

I am VERY happy with how it turned out and Marian's Dad was delighted with it.

 This page has a bit of reflection on it as we had to take the photo in the page protector as the bottom part is the card which was stuck onto the outside of the page protector.


14 October 2018:    My friend Marian's Dad turned 70 at the end of January and we had attended the celebration but I was stumped as far as a meaningful gift went ... and then when I saw there was a photographer at the function I decided I would make him an album.  

Marian and I arranged to get together to surprise her Dad with the album.  When we woke this morning it was pouring with rain.  I had suggested Food.Cuppa.Love at 27 Boxes in Melville but the rain made it impossible as the restaurant is open on the sides.  So we settled on Foood at Cresta.  Her parents tried to get her to postpone because of the weather ... because Lorenzo had to look after the kids ... etc. but she kept to her guns.  We arrived at Cresta a bit earlier and arranged a table and when they came walking along all I heard was Marian's voice saying "Oh look!!!!  It's the Gladwins".  Her parents were totally surprised.  Although her Mom knew I was making the album she had no clue that we were meeting for breakfast this morning ... Well done on keeping the surprise Marian!!!!

We chatted a bit and ordered our breakfast and then I said to Steve "The reason we wanted to have breakfast is that we wanted to give you your birthday gift".  His reaction was priceless!!!!

Linda and Steve Cresswell
Steve and Linda had not seen Connor for quite a while so I had asked him and Steph to join us.  They were blown away by how much Connor has grown ... and of course all the hair and the beard.

 We had a wonderful breakfast catching up and afterwards we went to Dischem and got some of the stuff for the care packages we are making for the ladies at Gerald Fitzpatrick Home for Christmas ~What a stunning day!!!!

I will share the photos of the pages on another post.