Friday, 6 January 2017


6 January 2017: This morning we (my hunny, Mom and me) were on the road at 5 to attend the Memorial Service for my precious Aunty Ria.  We stopped at Harrismith for breakfast and then just before entering Durban we stopped again to have a coffee and freshen up.

We found our way to the crematorium where the service was being held and stopped behind Gordon and Noleen after firstly driving into the Grave Yard ... it was VERY sad as it is terribly run down and overgrown.  My Gran and Grandpa are buried somewhere in here!

I was really disappointed as my cousin didn't have a service program printed and the minister advised us that we were not invited back to the house ... so 44 minutes after the start of the service we were back on the road to drive the 600 km's home.  

I was happy that we made the long journey however I felt like my Aunty was not honoured properly for the awesome person she was.

Rest in Peace my precious Aunty Ria ... Look after Sister York, Ou Ballie and my Dad till we meet again!!!

 The sun will come up .....
 When we were driving into Durban I saw this little truck and had to send this photo to my friend Natalie Baker ...

On our way out of Durban I saw this number plate and as we used to call Wendy Nunu when she was small this photo was sent to her ...

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