Sunday, 1 January 2017


This morning we met Alison at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for our traditional New Year Walk and breakfast at Eagles Faire.  Ali had mentioned to her friend Gisi that we were walking and if she could she should join us.  I was so delighted to see her after quite a long time.

This morning dawned beautifully sunny and I was suprised when Connor and Steph were up and ready to leave at 7am ... they only got in around 5 from their evening out!!!  When I mentioned this to Connor his response was "But this is a tradition that we have been doing since I was in high school ... of course I want to do the walk!" 

We had a wonderful walk through the gardens which are beautifully lush and green after all the rain and the waterfall was magnificent!!!

The service at breakfast was a bit slow and when our french toast with mince arrived instead of chillies on the side there were chillies on top and although I tried to scoop most of them out there were quite a lot of seeds left behind and they blew my whole head open ... and I live to tell the story!!! LOL!!!!

The Sasol Bird Hide was gorgeous ... and I love this photo I took of a duck standing on a rock in the bond ... the reflection is awesome.

Ali, Gisi and Richard
 And I was waiting at the end of the path for them ... I love this entry way ... and Ali stood peeping at me!!!

 Along the next path there was a tree growing low across the path and of course Connor had the take the unconventional path "over" the tree where the rest of us went under ...

 And the "Please mind your head" sign was on the wrong side of the tree!!!!!

 Some of the gorgeous flowers on our way out of the gardens ...

 Another awesome start to a New Year ... Thanks Ali!!!!


  1. Thanks for a gorgeous morning my friend! Wishing you a blessed 2017 with many more walks. xx

    1. Look forward to more walks in 2017 my friend.