Thursday, 22 December 2016

MY BIRTHDAY GIFT ........................ G.O.N.E.!!!!!

You will remember me writing on the 19th December that we had gone to the airport to see my friend Natalie off ... Well she gave me a beautiful gift for my birthday which you can see me holding in this photo.

This is what the gift looked like up close ...
Tim Tams with hand made, by Natalie, flowers and a beautiful hand made teddy!!!
The other evening my hunny asked me if he could have "one of your chocolates from Natalie" ... Now I know that this gift would have survived until my birthday had I not given my hunny that first "chocolate"!!!!!!!  The first one he took I took the flower off and ate it as I LOVE fondant!!!

When I got home from work today this is what I found ... still in the fridge!!!!!  He didn't even have the decency to leave the flowers for me!!!!

Doesn't this poor little teddy look too lonely???!!!  And I never even got ONE Tim Tam!!!!

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  1. That looks amazing...Tim tams are way to addictive :)