Monday, 19 December 2016

TODAY ... 19 December 2016

This afternoon we went to the airport to say "Bye" to our friends The Bakers as they fly back home to New Zealand after a pretty difficult trip to see Brett's Dad who is quite frail.  Hopefully they will be able to sort out a grand parents visa when they return home so that he can go over and have an extended holiday.

We met for coffee after they had handed in their hire car and before long Richard was urging them to go through and book in ... I thought he was unduly worried about the time but thankfully he got them going when he did because there was congestion at passport control so they got onto the flight as the pilot was doing his introductions.  I am missing Nats already!!!
Me, Nats, Brett & Kelly
 After dinner I decided that I had better get my bum into gear and make some birthday cards for the kids in America.

First one up was for Jarod who turned 18 a few weeks ago.  And yes I did sew on the card ...

Next up was Liam who turned 16 earlier in the year ... I didn't want the cards to look the same so I used a photo from Connor's 21st on Liam's card.

And last but certainly not least was a card for our God Child Taryn who we miss so so so badly.  I decided to do some sewing on her card as well ... it certainly looks better in real life than on this photo.

The cards will be hand delivered to them soon and I hope they like them.

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