Thursday, 15 December 2016


15 December 2016: Today is my younger sister Norma's birthday and we share the same age (of course I am still 11 months and 2 days older than her!!!) until my birthday next month.

This morning I started off my day in Benoni as I had a case at the CCMA ~ Not wanting to sit in traffic (which I did anyways) I left home at 6 and stopped off at the Lakeside Mall where I found Wimpy was open and had a really good Wimpy coffee and sunrise breakfast while working on my computer.  Oh yes ... also had great service!

This is a picture I got off the web of the mall ... this picture must have been taken when the mall was really new because it is looking a bit worse for wear.

We had a really good commissioner at the CCMA which was nice for a change.  I spent the afternoon in the office and got stuck in horrible traffic on the way home.

We had dinner at Norma's home tonight with our other sisters, her son Wesley and his girlfriend Sam and a number of her friends.  No photos were taken because it is always a bit of a whirlwind being in Norma's company.
Gorgeous sunset from Norma's verandah

 I really hope that her next 365 day trip around the sun is going to be super awesome and hold the answers to all her hopes and dreams.

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