Wednesday, 14 December 2016


14 December 2016: My colleague Njabulo booked for us to have our Christmas Lunch at KOI @ 24 Central in Sandton yesterday.  
The 'A' Team ... Andries, Mothupi, Me, Thulani and Njabulo
The food was awesome and the company really good.

Andries, Mothupi and I tried an Oriental Cocktail (non alcoholic) ... unfortunately the ginger (which was not on the menu) overpowered the other fruits in the drink.

 We ordered grilled rib-eye steaks however the waiter returned to tell us that they were sold out so I tried crispy beef ... I was really happy with the meal as it was delicious (I will be returning to have this again!!!)
 Mothupi was drawn into ordering dessert ... and we got these desserts which looked like Master Chef creations.  Mine (above) was a medley of mango (mousse, sorbet, coolie) with caramel popcorn.  Mothupi's was a green tea mousse with raspberry sorbet and raspberry jellies.
Andries' dessert was a coconut meringue ... I want to try this when I go back.
 I was so busy enjoying my meal that I didn't see my boss Andries take this photo of me ...

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