Tuesday, 13 December 2016

HEART SISTERS and more ...

Tuesday 6 December 2016: When we were in New Zealand in September I told Nats about my friend Roz and said that I would LOVE it if they could meet ... of course we did not know that Nats would come to SA so soon after our visit.  I asked Nats if I could reserve a day of her visit and managed to arrange a lunch where the two of them could meet and just like I predicted ... they really liked each other.

We met at Contessa in Rivonia as Nats said that she loves babootie and they make delicious babootie.
We had an awesome lunch and I was very lucky to spend the whole day with Nats ... we visited Westpac (the plastic shop) at Lifestyle and we shopped up a storm and we also visited Lara at Scrapbook 'n Things @ Stepping Stones Nursery ... I hope Nats gets everything in her suitcase when she packs.
 I planted this little rosebush in remembrance of my friend Joan ~ My yellow rose of Texas ~ and every time it blooms I think she is saying "Hi!!!".

 9 December 2016: Connor and Drukkie.  I was at Lakeview today ... Connor's team wore black and white and who would have thought that these two boys would wear their OppiKoppi t-shirts.  They really are like brothers born from different mothers.  It is very difficult to get a photo of them both looking at the camera and acting 'normal'.

13 December 2016: I had a meeting with one of the managers at Nedbank Park today and was there early as usual and worked in the restaurant.  The new company has just taken over from Deli One and I was not sure if Tapelo was employed by them.  I was sitting and working away when suddenly there he was with this awesome cuppa coffee for me.  I was so excited to see him and he was delighted by my reaction to seeing him.

This evening when we went to Rosebank for dinner with Nats and Brett we saw Hamleys and Richard decided he wanted to have a look ... unfortunately they were just about to close but we had a quick look inside ~ To us grown ups it is just another toy store however I should imagine to a little kid it is awesome. 

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