Saturday, 24 December 2016


As Connor is spending Christmas with Steph I thought it was a good idea for us to go out for dinner to celebrate and open gifts together tonight.  

There were some complications and Steph could not join us for dinner and Mom decided she was staying at home (I was rather heartsore but that is just par for the course where Christmas celebrations for me are concerned now-a-days!!!) .

My little family (Richard, Connor and me) went to Spur at The Glen and were fortunate enough to have Nomfundo serve us again ... she is awesome!!!!  We had a lovely dinner and while at dinner Steph and Connor arranged that we would fetch her after dinner.

"Oh my word!!! Look at that ... we have matching tattoos!!!!

When we got home we decided that we would open our gifts as I like to see the reaction to the gift that I give someone ...

Connor surprised Steph with a Polaroid Camera which she has been wanting for quite some time ...

 Connor got his Dad a book on Bob Dylan and two Vinyl Records ... which I am sure confused him no end!!!
 And then I handed him this big box .....

 Which housed a portable record player!!!

Steph's Mom had baked my hunny a HUGE bottle of rusks ... OMGoodness!!! they are soooooooo good!!!!!

 We included Mom in the gift giving as she will be out early tomorrow morning for breakfast at the Zeemans (which carries on late into the afternoon).
 We gave Steph a whole lot of sweeties, a mug with a cat's face and "You had me at meow!" written on it and a camera case so that her new camera will be safe as well as some extra film.
 Connor got a whole host of his favourite treats and two hardcover books that he was wanting ... unfortunately they were not a surprise!
From Connor and Steph I got a photo frame with my favourite photo of them in it, a beautiful scarf and slippers.  Mom gave Richie and I a gorgeous new duvet cover.  So all in all we were VERY spoiled.

I just had to take this photo of Steph reading the instruction sheet for her new camera ...

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