Saturday, 5 November 2016


Last Sunday I decided we needed to take the cars for a wash so Steph, Connor and I jumped into our cars and drove down to the Glenvista Shopping Centre.  I messaged Wendy to see if she wanted to join us and we had a lovely, leisurely breakfast at Cafe Aroma.

 During the week AnnaMarie called and asked if I had time if I would go to the corporate shop at Head Office and check the price of a specific cooler bag ... She said it looked like a back pack.

Armed with this information I went down to the shop ... took this photo and sent it to her with this message "Die eene? R224." Her response "Ja sal jy vir my een koop asb. Ek trf nou".

I sent her the following message "Is sel fone nie net te fantasties? VOORHEEN sou ek die gekoop het ... dan is dit verkeerd ... dan sou ek dit moet terug bring ... NOU ... foto ... is dit die een ... ja ... koop die regte ding en SIEDAAR". (Translation "Are cell phones not too fantastic ... BEFORE I would have bought the item ... then it is wrong ... I have to bring it back ... NOW ... photo ... is this what you are looking for? ... yes ... buy the right thing and ... WALLAH!!!!!")

While I was downstairs I decided to pop into the convenience store and get a cuppa coffee ... it was awesome!!!!  And then I saw this little message and thought it suits any cuppa coffee well ...

My sister Wendy sent me this photo of her ex husband Keenan with her son Jarod after his recent game ... "They won districts and he had 14 plays (not too sure what that means)" and I responded saying "That means he added huge value to the game!!!" 

He looks right at home in this outfit!

We had our annual Staff Appreciation Day in Nedbank on 18th October ... Unfortunately one of our colleagues was off sick so our boss Eugene took myself and Mothupi to breakfast at Wimpy in Sandton City.  We took a brisk walk there, enjoyed a great breakfast and then another brisk walk back.

We each received a R180 gift card from Pick 'n Pay ... We gave a voucher to our cleaner lady Agnes and she was so overwhelmed and thankful and told us that she was going on leave that day that I decided to give her my voucher as well.
Image result for jam jozi 2016

Connor and Steph attended Jam Jozi and on Saturday night he was telling us about these Napsac Airbags (I had seen them on facebook and thought they were an awesome idea) and was really selling the idea to his best ability.  I agreed to pay for one ... this is the photo he sent me later in the day ~ looks like the ideal afternoon nap location.


  1. It is always great to catch up on your super busy life. Thanks for the glimpses xx

    1. Thanks for the interest you show in my life special lady!