Sunday, 27 November 2016


Sunday 27 November 2016: Our friends Natalie and Brett Baker are in Johannesburg at the moment as Brett's Dad is not well ... Although the circumstances for the visit are not ideal the fact that we have gotten to see them twice this year is awesome!!!

They arrived on Tuesday and I have been chomping at the bit to see them but they have been under pressure with doctors visits and jet lag and the fact that their daughter Kelly's suitcase was left in Auckland by the airlines.

Yesterday she messaged to say that they were free today to see us ... Oh yay!!!!!!!!

This morning Richie went off to Toy Run ....
He says that unfortunately it was not as well supported as last year ... This was him leaving to go to the start point at The Blockhouse with the two bears we bought and other stationery goodies in his back pack. This year the Hell's Angels were on duty at the entrance to the Toy Run venue and if you didn't have a toy they sent you off to the area where you had to purchase a toy as your entrance to the venue.  I am so happy that this has happened as every year there are too many people who arrive without a toy ... And this is the point of the initiative!!!  Go figure!!!

While I waited for Natalie and Brett to arrive I whipped up a batch of cheese muffins.  I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive to open my gifts ... When they arrived I had to keep myself in check as I wanted to jump up and down!!!!

We had a leisurely catch-up over muffins and coffee and when Richie got home we went through to Mall of The South and met Wendy at Just Darling for lunch ~ Wendy and Nats "know each other" on facebook and I thought it was about time they met in person.  We had an awesome time and asked one of the young lady waiters to take a photo for us but unfortunately not one of them were in focus ... I adjusted this one which is the best I could get.

I can't wait to spend more time with Nats while she is here!


  1. All those faces that I love so much!

    1. The only thing that would have made that lunch better would have been to have you and Scotty there with us!!!!