Wednesday, 23 November 2016


23 November 2016: I cannot believe how quickly the year has sped past ~ Connor and Steph celebrated their one year of dating anniversary today and in these times that is a real accomplishment.  Steph's parents invited us to dinner at the new Meat Monger in Sunward Park.

 Connor got Steph an Opal ring ~ which is her favourite stone and hid it in a box of Lindor balls.

 Steph really surprised Connor ... he had told her how badly he wanted this digital watch (which is exactly the same as one his grandad Gladwin had) and when he asked her if that was what she was getting him for their anniversary she giggled and said "I can't lie" but she had told him that she would probably not have his gift on their anniversary as she would have to wait for her allowance.  Imagine his delight when he opened the gift and there it was.  She also gave him an awesome gift of a bottle filled with 365 HANDWRITTEN notes for him to open each day for the next year plus some of his favourite sweets ... BOY was he spoiled!!!!

I am really looking forward to spending many more years with this special young couple!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary you two special Peeps! Would be lovely to meet you one day Steph! x

    1. Nats told Connor and Steph today that she is looking forward to them visiting soon! It would be a real treat for them to meet you and Scotty and spend some time in your gentle country!

  2. Your child's happiness is one of the most important things to any parent. I am so glad that he found such a lovely girl.