Tuesday, 22 November 2016


22 November 2016: My brother-in-law Gordon's Dad passed away last week and his funeral was today ~ I know that Gordon is very sad at the passing of his Dad and I wanted to honour both Mr. Zeeman Snr and Gordon in this post.

Gordon rushed to see his Dad about a month ago as he was really not doing well in his battle with cancer.  I sent Gordon a message on the morning he was going to visit his Dad saying that if his Dad was up to it that he should take lots of photos.  This is a beautiful photo he sent me during the day.

The funeral was held in Jeffrey's Bay where Mr. Zeeman lived and Noleen told me that it was a very difficult day for Gordon as he was a pall bearer at the church and at the graveyard.
This is a lovely photo of Mrs. Zeeman (Gordon's step mom) with Gordon, Noleen and Dean (who I know loved his Grampa very much).

Noleen got to walk on the beach before they came home and I know that this settled her soul a lot as she LOVES the sea and it is her 'go to / happy place'.  

I am sure she would love to live beside the sea so she could walk on the beach every day.