Sunday, 27 November 2016


I really do treasure my friendships ... And I try to let my friends know how much I love them!!!

This brooch is a constant reminder of my friend Natalie (who lives in New Zealand).  She sent me this brooch for my birthday and I wear it as often as I can ... I have even taken to wearing scarves in summer so that I can wear it.  I took it with me to the top of Table Mountain and then it took a trip back to its home ~ New Zealand ~ where I wore it nearly every day for the three weeks I was there.  I always wear it on the left hand side of my outfit so that it is close to my heart.

Last week Saturday I scrapped with my friend Alison.  While I was busy with a page she kindly labelled all my inks and the "brushes" we use with the inks.  She has a beautiful handwriting and as I use these inks a lot when I scrap it is a constant reminder of her kindness ... Thanks Ali!!!!

This is my beautiful friend Ingrid with two of her grandchildren after a colour run for their city ~ Ingrid works in the Chamber of Commerce in George.  I met Ingrid in The Perm when we both worked there.  Although she now lives in George and we don't get to chat often we are always in each others thoughts ... she is an awesome human being and I am honoured to be her friend.

These are another two of my favourite people in the world ... My friend (and Connor's God Mother) Linda Le Warne and my older sister Noleen. 

Noleen and Gordon went to Hunter's Rest in Rustenburg to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary and she bumped into Linda and they decided to send me this photo.  Linda was visiting Hunter's Rest with some friends ~ The world really is a small place!!!

Such a happy bunch of flowers
On Wednesday my friend Linda Wood called me to ask a HUGE favour ... She said that her Mom was not feeling at all well and was quite emotional as she had been at Linda's town house while the movers packed up her house to put into storage and would I mind dropping off some flowers for her.  I left work a half hour early and raced to MultiFlora and then to Rhoda's place.  She was surprised to see me with this huge bunch of flowers and when I told her that I was sent by her daughter we had a little cry and then pulled ourselves together and had a cuppa coffee together and chatted for a while.

There is a friendship quote that I think goes something like this ..."Friendship is not one big thing but a million little things".


  1. You're one of the best friends I have. The high value you place on friendship shows and attracts people to you. You're a friend-magnet!

    1. You are too kind special friend!!!!! I do treasure my friendships and I am so glad that you are part of my posse!!!!

  2. Good friends are rare and they have to be cherished xxx