Sunday, 2 October 2016


2 October 2016: This morning started out slow and gentle ... well that is after I got to bed at 3am due to playing on my blog and then had to get up a bit later and put on my gown as I was freezing!!!!

I had a lovely shower and got ready to meet Gordon and Noleen for breakfast ... I haven't seen them for more than 5 weeks and I was missing them like crazeeeee!!!!  We met at Wimpy at Comaro Crossing and had an awesome time catching up with stories about my trip to New Zealand and more.

One of the plants my friend Nats planted at my front door before emigrating is flowering which is her way of saying "Good morning" when I leave the house and "Hi hun" when I get back home!!!

I was trying to take a really good photo of it but failed ... so here is what I managed to capture ... 


My hunny always has multiple projects on the go in his workshop.  This morning his project is to service the car of his friend Elton's daughter.  He is such a talented person and I am always amazed at what all he can do.  Lucky are the people who get to deal with him because he's a really nice guy on top of being SUPER smart!!!

Here he is in the driveway busy on the car.

Another one that he is busy on is the servicing and repairs to this 1956 scooter ... I just love the colour scheme and the style ...

 I have decided that I love scarves so much that I am going to wear my lighter scarves in summer ... This is what I wore this morning ... I am no good at taking selfies so this was my best shot in the mirror ...
My friend Sam's little niece Amy is growing so quickly ~ I posted at the beginning of August about the photo shoot Wendy did with Amy ... here is a recent picture of this precious little one ...

My friend Nats posted a video (unfortunately I could not get it to load into my blogpost) on the family group (yes I am one of her family) with the caption "Deep conversations about blue cheese on a Saturday evening :0)" where Kelly explains to Nats that she will never ever eat blue cheese because they inject mould into it and mould is very bad for you.  Nats then asks her what she will eat and she says "normal cheese and crackers".

To which I responded "She is precious!!! I agree with her about the blue cheese!!!" and then "Remind her that Aunty Lynn said that she would never ever eat sushi ... and look what happened when I was in NZ!!!"

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