Saturday, 1 October 2016


 Saturday 1 October 2016: I had an awesome day welcoming the new month in.

My inspiration
Linda Wood called me yesterday and asked if we were doing ParkRun today and I said "Yes". I lay in bed a bit late today and then had to rush to drop my hunny's car off at the Park Run Car Wash and only just made it  to the start by 08h00 ... The car wash was hecticly busy and Linda must have thought that I stood her up!!!  The route has changed and I really felt like I had had a good workout when we finished.  My time was 55:59 which I thought was pretty good as this was my first walk in more than 5 weeks and my personal best this year is 55:11 so I was not far off ... I guess the couple of sessions on the treadmill at the gym over the past 2 weeks paid off.

I had to wait a while for the car to be finished cleaned and as I came off the highway I was behind my friend AnnaMarie who was coming round to scrapbook ... we called it a play date!!!  We had a lovely day getting her started on wedding photos of her son and daughter-in-law who have just become parents ... she is itching to scrapbook photos of her first grandchild but wants to get to grips with the wedding photos first.

My hunny had invited me out to dinner tonight and when AnnaMarie left I jumped in the shower and got ready for our date night ... We popped down to Roco Mama's at The Glen and had a wonderfully relaxing time catching up ... I love spending time with this awesome human being I get to call "my hunny".

When we were finished with dinner we popped past Gold Reef Casino to fetch Mom who had had her down time for the week at the slot machines ... to each her own!!!  Now I am going to jump into bed ~ Connor and Steph are out at a 21st and should be getting home soon as Steph is working tomorrow and needs to be out the house before 6am.  I should have taken a photo of them before they left ... The theme was to come dresses as something with a C or R ... so they went as Connor and his Chef ~ Connor wore his signature flannel and Steph wore her uniform (black pants and a chef's jacket).

Hope you have all had a stunning Saturday.

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