Wednesday, 5 October 2016


4 October 2016: Today I met my new business team for the first time ... In a room of 40 people I had only met 2 people before! (and that excludes the 2 people in my HR Team!!!).  This is their Annual Operations Conference and boy did I learn a lot!  And I am very excited by all the new learnings I am going to have ~ It is always interesting to go into a part of the busines you know nothing about with no preconceived ideas.

Imagine how "at home" I felt when I was already included in receiving a jacket along with the rest of the team!!!

My room for the night
We finished at 5, checked into our rooms and then chilled at the bar until dinner.  I sat with LeeAnne (who I have known for a number of years) and Sanet (who I will be working with from the HR side) and we had a lovely chat.  After a delicious dinner I was back in my room by 20h30 and was asleep by 22h00.

5 October 2016: Had a good sleep except for 2 calls from ADT for the house alarm!.  Got up at 06h30 after relaxing in bed after my alarm went off.  After a lovely breakfast we had a full day until lunch and then finished off at around 15h30 which made for an easier drive home.

An awesome start to my new job!!!
 My spiffy new jacket!

  I LOVE Olwazini!!!!


  1. Hi Lynne! Congratulations on your new job! You look so happy it warms my heart. But then you usually do. You are radiant, did you now that? Pretty scenery too, but the pretty lady outshines it. xo

    1. Hi Shawna, Thanks so much for your kind words!