Sunday, 9 October 2016


  • 08h00 - 09h00 : ParkRun then home to shower
  • 12h00 - 12h30 : Haircut at Kirsten
  • 13h00 -            : Lunch with Jenny at Northgate

After my walk at Rietvlei I asked Wendy if she would like to join Jenny and I for lunch and she said "yes" so after my haircut I rushed past her house and then we scooted out to Northgate.  We had an awesome time at Mugg & Bean and then Jenny said she wanted to go to Woolies as she was looking for some shoes like ones she had found in Pretoria.  We trawled all the isles and as a surprise Jenny bought each of us a blue t-shirt.  This morning she sent me this photo of her wearing her t-shirt.

rAge was on at the Dome this weekend so there were many characters from different comics and on-line games walking around.  Connor and Steph were also at rAge during the time we were at Northgate.

When we were in Woolies we saw this beautiful young lady and Jenny asked her who she was and she said she which character she was from Pokemon ... of course we didn't know who the character was ... but I said "Oh my son will know exactly who that is" so her Mom said "Well let's take a photo and you can show him."

When I sent the photo to Connor he immediately came back with ... "Umbreon ... That is so cool" ... Pokemon was part of his growing up and he was very involved in everything Pokemon related.
 This is the actual character on the game ...
All in all an awesome day!!! Thanks Sisters.

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