Saturday, 17 September 2016


17 September 2016: Jo and Scott invited us to a barbeque (for us South Africans ... a braai) at their house tonight.  

The Parkers fetched me earlier today to spend some time with them and my admiration for Scott grew some more - he is a genuinely nice guy.  We had hot chocolate at Starbucks (must say the company was FAR better than the hot chocolate), we popped past Countdown to get some bread and Scott bought some Tim Tams as he was as shocked as Brett was when he found out that I had never tasted a Tim Tam - even after being in New Zealand for 3 weeks!!!

Nats, Brett and the girls joined us a bit later and Dylan popped past to say "bye" as he had a 21st party on and wouldn't see me before I leave tomorrow morning ~ I could kick myself for not taking a photo with him.

We had a wonderful evening filled with great food and awesome company.

When the rugby came on the three of us sat at the table chatting while the guys watched the Springboks being decimated by the All Blacks.

Nats had to pop out quickly to drive some ladies home from the party her neighbour Elaine was having ... I will tell you all about Elaine and her party in another post as she warrants a post of her own.

Mel ... Love this special girl
Awesome friends, coffee and Tim Tams
I can't believe that in a few hours I will be boarding a plane and my three weeks in New Zealand comes to an end ... It feels like I have just arrived and have so much more to do, and things to chat about with Nats, and visits to have with Jo, and places to see.  The one thing that is calling me home is my boys ~ I am missing them and wish they were here with me.


  1. Love you to bits my friend, what a privilege to spend time together xx

    1. It was super special to have two of my precious people in the same place at the same time!!!!