Saturday, 17 September 2016


17 September 2016: Nats has a very special friend, Elaine, who lives across the road from her.

I got to meet Elaine on the first Sunday that we were there and then she popped over on the Sunday after my hunny left to deliver some tiramisu as she knows Brett likes it.  My hunny unfortunately didn't get to meet her.

She was telling us that she had a function on the 17th that she had to cater for and she is not very good at it.  This group of people have been friends for 30 years and gather regularly.

The function that Elaine hosts every year starts out with Ten Pin Bowling or miniature golf and then they gather at her house for dinner.  Usually everyone brings a plate but this year someone suggested that they give Elaine money and she could do the catering ... She was horrified with herself for agreeing as she says she is no good at "this food thing".

Nats, in her usual kind manner, offered her help and we made a date for Friday morning to go and do shopping for her function.

After dropping Kelly off at school we fetched Elaine and off we went ... Elaine is funny, sweet and very sassy with a VERY sharp mind ... the previous week she had spoken to 300 people at a conference.

The Agenda for Saturday looks like this:
  • Meet at 12 and play 10 Pin Bowling;
  • Drive to Elaine's house;
  • Munchies;
  • Game;
  • Dinner and fun.
THE GAME ... three people will get dressed up in different costumes and the rest of the people can ask each person 10 questions to figure out who the person is ...
  1. A red cardinal outfit with huge red sun glasses  ... this is Elton John;
  2. A french maid outfit complete with pull on fish net stockings ... this is Dame Helen Mirren; and
  3. In the photo ... this is Kim Kardashian.
Now you have to remember that these are all people in and around 80 ... 3 of the people have just celebrated their 80th birthdays which is also going to be part of the celebration.

While at the check-out in Pack 'n Save (like our Pick 'n Pay) this morning I picked up a magazine and saw a GORGEOUS advert with George Clooney and when I showed Elaine she told us that she was busy sending out an e-mail to her group of friends when she found out that he was getting married and in her mail she said "I am sorry to advise that George Clooney is off the market.  This girl is OK but I could have made him happier" and then she said that "he can still put his shoes under my bed any night".  Nats and I were roaring with laughter.  We dropped her off at home and then set out on our adventure for the day (will tell you about that in a separate post).

After out little shopping trip this morning we stopped in at Elaine's house to make sure that everything was ready for Nats to pop in and put the oven on to get the munchies ready before meeting us for dinner at Scott and Jo.  Nats had also offered to come back around 9 to drive three of the ladies home.
Well ... when we got home tonight from our dinner at Jo and Scott ... it was around 11pm ... the party was still in full swing.  I want to be like Elaine when I am 80!!!
Nats takes a simple slab cake ...
 and in half an hour this is what it looks like!!!


  1. So glad that you got to meet my precious Elaine! Yes we have to take a page out of her book as we get older. She is someone who just won't let age define her. She has opted out of that reality and replaced it with her own ideas about the need to get out there and have fun! She recently organised a tour bus and took 30 people up to the black beach to see the gannets. She takes her GREAT grandchildren on bus trips around the city too.

    I have learnt from her that you have to keep active, you have to keep learning and have lots of interests, and then you have to have a giggle! I was always scared about growing old, but she has shown me a new way to live.

    1. She truly is an example we need to copy!