Friday, 11 March 2016


Friday 11 March 2016 : We had another early breakfast and booked out of Diamond House.  On our way to V&A Waterfront we saw that Table Mountain was closed due to very bad winds (the wind came up last night and was so bad that it kept me awake most of the night!) and we were so happy that we had visited Table Mountain yesterday.  We met our friend Lynette and our  ROBBEN ISLAND adventure got underway.

The ferry ride over was very pleasant ... the sea was a bit choppy but not unpleasantly so.  It was awesome time to sit and relax and do nothing.

Yesterday we saw Robben Island from the top of Table Mountain and today we are seeing Table Mountain from Robben Island ... How awesome!!!
Peter, who spent 18 years on Robben Island as a prisoner, was our tour guide.  His command of the English language was not great and there were many times during the tour that I wished he would finish the story he started as he left many sentences unfinished.
Nelson Mandela's cell
One of the people who spent time on Robben Island and caught my attention was Robert Sobukwe ... I will definitely be doing some research on him.
 If you go to Cape Town then a visit to Robben Island is a must.

We got onto a different ferry and our trip back to Cape Town was much faster. We had lunch at Mugg and Bean and then made our way to Blouberg where we are staying for the weekend. We booked in and then popped down the road to Woolies to get some supplies and then got started scrapping.

Lynette arranged a cooked meal for us and we were delighted when Andy (Lynette's husband) came to deliver it to us.  We haven't seen him since August last year.

We had an absolutely delicious lasagne, salad and milk tart for dinner and continued scrapping until around 10pm.

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