Thursday, 10 March 2016


10 March 2016 : We woke to spectacular weather today and were very relieved as today is our TABLE MOUNTAIN visit.

We had an early breakfast and then drove up to Table Mountain ... The road leading up to the entrance was full so we drove past the entrance thinking we were going to turn around and go back down to the bottom where there was a parking lot with a shuttle.  Now here our experience with a car guard was the exact opposite of last night ... Peter directed us into a parking spot and assured us "gorgeous ladies" that he would be looking after our car until we got back.

We stopped to take a lang-arm and he stopped us and said that he would take the photos for us ... he had to take 3 photos so we had 3 different backgrounds ... how delightful!!!
This one was so that we had Lion's Head in the background!

 We stopped at a little shop outside the entrance as I did not have a hat with me and I got a really pretty Cape Town hat.  Leonie had pre-booked our tickets so we went straight through and within minutes we were in the cable car.  OMGoodness!!!! The floor of the cable car turns 360 degrees which was rather nerve wracking for me flying up the mountain while turning round at the same time!
That's a nervous little hand gesture on my part!
Ali and me with our pretty hats
Ali and Leonie ... On top of the world!!!
  The gap between these mountains looks like God was having fun playing with putty ...
I promised everyone at home that I would blow them kisses from the top of Table Mountain!

And this is us on our way back down in the cable car after a spectacular visit.  I can't wait to come back with Richard and Connor.

We decided to drive up to SIGNAL HILL and see what that was about ... We found a lovely 'frame' of Table Mountain


We had planned on having coffee and cake at CHARLY'S BAKERY but when we got there the service was horrible, the place was not very clean and nothing caught our fancy.  There was a TV show about them and I think they were trying to be like 'The Cake Boss' but they are not at that standard.  Ali's face tells the story ...

This is painted on a house across the road from Charly's Bakery.
Our next stop was V&A Waterfront where we had lunch at GIBSON'S Gourmet Burgers & Ribs ... OMWord!!!! I had a peanut butter and crunchie milkshake (they have 57 milkshakes on their menu!!!!!) and we shared an Onion Blossom for starters ... this is a different take on onion rings and is awesomely delicious.  We each had a burger and chips and rolled out of there.

It was awesome watching the "table cloth" cover Table Mountain.

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