Sunday, 13 March 2016

CAPE TOWN ~ Day 4 & 5

Saturday 12 March 2016: This morning the girls decided we were moving to the other flat to scrap as it is bigger and has much more natural light so we packed up our scrapping supplies and moved.  We had a quick breakfast and got started scrapping.  Ali arranged back massages for us which were absolutely awesome and just what I needed.

We had another awesome dinner of chicken pie and three bean salad (the BEST one I have ever eaten!!!) and we had milk tart from last night.

Sunday 13 March 2016: After a quick breakfast this morning we continued scrapping and then popped down the road to Spur for a late lunch ... Unfortunately not the best choice but the company made up for the less than awesome meal.  We went back to the flat a continued scrapping up a storm.  

We have to book out by 10 tomorrow so we know at the end of tonight we need to finish off whatever we are working on so we can start packing up.  How can the weekend have passed by so quickly???!!!

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We, The Scrap Addicts, design pages for our quarterly scrap-a-thons and then pack everything to complete that page for the other members.  

Here are the gorgeous pages designed by my friends which I worked on over the weekend ... I am absolutely delighted with them.  Lynette had the daunting task of designing three layouts as she missed September and December last year and then her layout for this weekend ...
Page designed by Alison

Page designed by Linda which I used for one of my favourite subjects SUNRISE & SUNSET

Page designed by Lynette

Second page designed by Lynette

Third page designed by Lynette

Page designed by Leonie

Page designed by Alison which I finished this weekend

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