Sunday, 28 June 2015


I can't believe how quickly this week sped past! 

The highlight of my week was meeting Miss Anabella.  After attending a session in Sandton I had an appointment with a staff member in Florida and when I got there she had left as her daughter was sick so I decided to pop past Gina to meet Anabella ~ she is already 7 weeks old and I wanted to at least meet her before she starts crawling!!!  She is absolutely adorable and soooooo tiny!!! At 7 weeks she weighs 100 grams more than Connor did at birth!  It was wonderful to have some alone time with Gina and really catch up.

On Friday I went to the CCMA and was very happy to come out of there with the staff member withdrawing his case.  I was REALLY disappointed at being ripped off by the parking people.  I had to pay them R18 for 2 hours of parking and when I arrived back after 1 hour I found that the slip they left on my car was for R9 which covered 1 hour so they obviously pocketed the change!!! and were nowhere to be seen!!!  Shame on you!!!

I never scrapped much this week as a result of spending 2 nights typing minutes from the hearing that I went to the CCMA for (I have NEVER been so late with minutes before) and being exhausted after loadshedding on Thursday night. 

I haven't taken photos of most of my pages as I am battling to get decent photos so I only have 3 layouts to share ...

 Hope you have all had a restful weekend and are ready for the week ahead.

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