Saturday, 13 June 2015


I find that when I am very stressed I find something to hyper-focus on to relieve that stress and feeling of inadequacy ~ which is where I think a lot of stress comes from in me.  So my hyper focus has been my scrapbooking ... I even wrote myself some deadlines and I have met two of those deadlines being ...
  1. Finish November 2014 by 7 June 2015 ~ When I went to bed on the 7th I had the first page of December 2014 laid out to work on when I got home on Monday evening; and
  2. Finish December 2014 by 14 June 2015 ... Now that one I managed to finish ahead of time ~ Finished the last page of 2014 last night.  Now all I have to do is get an album and page protectors ~ hopefully I will get that done today.
Here are some photos to share from the past two weeks ~ I cannot believe how these two weeks have flown past!!!

Don't have much coffee art to show from my Menzi as I have been out of the office quite a bit the past two weeks.  Here are two ...

I haven't taken photos of all my pages (there are two or three others I would like to show you but when I wanted to take photos of them my camera's battery was too low ... Here are some others to share ...

This photo isn't great as I had to take it once the page was in the page protector as the journaling is stuck through the protector.  The background page is an ancient one I had in my stash and it worked really well.
 My friend Anna-Marie gave me a whole assortment of blingies and I have been using them happily ...

 I was in Rosebank early (as usual) on the 2nd June ~ I squatted at Mugg & Bean until they opened and could serve me coffee ... Had to take a photo of  "my impromptu office".
 4th June ... Yes! You are reading the time right!!!  I was in my car and on my way to the office at 04h45.  There were only about 5 cars on the highway and I got to the office at 05h05 and only left again 10 hours and 10 minutes later at 17h15
5th June ... We have been experiencing some freezing weather here in Jhb and this morning I could not get the ice off my windscreen ... On the back windscreen the ice looked like huge snow flakes.

This is a true reflection of what we are going through ...

For my overseas friends who do not understand Afrikaans ... It means it is HELLA COLD!!!

Our garden service threw Bandit's "ball" (which was really only the left over bladder) away so when we went shopping I bought his a new ball.  He was so excited and of course we had to start playing right away.
On Tuesday I helped my friend Eddie with some work and he said he would come "bearing chocolates" and true to his word (and being a fellow Capricorn I expected nothing less!!!) he brought me a box of mini Lindt pralines and a Lindt Nocciolatte each for Richard, Connor and my Mom ~ how kind is that!!!!

This morning my hunny left at 07h00 to go on a ride with some new contacts from Durban ... They are meeting and sleeping over somewhere near Pongola and then riding into Swaziland ~ He will only be back on Tuesday afternoon ~ Tuesday is a public holiday in South Africa ~ And I am missing him already and unlike when I go to scrapbook at Good Shepherd I can't just pop out to visit him when the longing gets too much.  I will just have to fill up my time with scrapbooking!!!  I do have a scrapbook date with my friend Linda Wood on Sunday.

On my "deadline" list is to do:
  • A double page layout each for Liam and Jarod of their outing to Emenem last year.  I will be copying the page I did for Connor so that should be rather quick and easy to get done.
  • Sort out my 2013 photos and start working on those pages.
I am going to jump in the shower now and then go and run some errands and fetch Connor from his friend where he slept over last night.  Wishing you all a stunning weekend.

This message resonated VERY loudly with me ...


  1. A great catch up post. I am afraid I have made peace with the fact that I will never get all of my photos scrapped. If I put myself under pressure to get there...I might be tempted to take less photos and I am addicted to photography. I hope you don't get too lonely this weekend and that you get loads done xx

    1. Hello precious friend,

      I am with you about not ever getting all of my photos scrapped. Although I know I will never finish scrapping all my photos because we are constantly doing new things and finding new things to photograph … I am going to give it a serious try!!! Obviously a part of my obsessive compulsive personality ~ LOL!!!!

      The reason I want to get my yearly books to a manageable level is that I also have some other projects like …
      • Doing books for my nephew’s two boys;
      • My 50th birthday which I have still not even looked at
      • And then of course there are the other books that people ask me to make
      • And the cards I so love making … Which also takes care of some of my scraps.

      I am trying very hard not to feel lonely with my hunny away but it is rather difficult. I just chatted to him now and he is at their overnight spot and met these new guys. He says he will be in bed early as he is rather tired after riding so far (more than 400km’s by bike is far).

      Hope your weekend is super restful!!!! L