Sunday, 31 May 2015


I feel so old when I say "time is flying past" however it really does seem to be hurtling along and my feet hardly seem to touch the ground. 

During the week at work my coffee guy Menzi made me some interesting coffee art ...

This weekend ~ after a really busy week ~ I felt like I was forced into relaxing ... Yesterday I went off and did my Park Run and finished in 52.49 which was really good considering I was walking with a sore ankle and legs that were threatening to cramp the whole time.  When I got home I sat down in front of the TV and fell fast asleep ... I only surfaced properly when my Mom came home from the casino and made us lunch.  After lunch I fell asleep again and then at about 4 I got up and went to my scrap table and worked on some pages.

Here are the pages I did this weekend ...

This morning Connor and I did some errands at The Glen and after lunch I dropped him off to visit his girlfriend at her school.  I came home and went to my scrap table again.

Now I am going to do some bills while I wait for Downton Abbey to come on at 9pm.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face the new week.


  1. I am starting to stumble exhaustedly around blog land so I am going to leave a quick message to say hello, that I'm thinking of you all the time and wishing the best for you. I love your uplifting, life affirming blog, your love of people and the way you celebrate them. Your scrapbooks really celebrate that. Thank you for being you, dear Lynn. xoxo

    1. Hey Shawna ... Hope you are feeling on top of the world and that the exhaustion has left the building!!!!

      Thanks for your sweet words about my blog ... much appreciated and thank you for being you dear Shawna!!!!!

  2. have been busy....and I had the whole weekend to myself and did the grand total of one page.

    1. Hey special lady ... The difference between your pages and mine are that you do super intricate work and my pages in comparison are rather simple ~ We each have our own styles and YOU certainly inspire me to do better pages!

  3. Lovely pages!