Sunday, 21 June 2015


After we saw Thom and Miles off this morning we jumped in the car and went down the road to Bassonia View ... Connor said that he had heard about a new hamburger place there that we should try and due to the time and also the fact that my hunny had already eaten breakfast ... We decided to try it and were all really glad that we did.

 I took this skew photo as I wanted to get the wall paper in at the side of our seats.
 Connor was over the moon that they had a craft beer on tap.

Connor and I started off with delicious onion rings.

You can build a burger or you can choose a standard one off the menu ... Connor had a Stack Burger which was as big as it looked in the picture and he enjoyed it thoroughly ... It had two patties, bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce, pickles and more!
 My hunny and I had a Craft Burger which is a basic single burger with pickles, tomato and onion.  My favourite burger is from Spur and this one definitely is in contention for my new favourite burger.

I had a peanut butter and banana milkshake to start off with and after tasting it Connor decided to have one for dessert ... I would go back just for the milkshake!!!  It was super yummy!!!!
 This is Connor getting some comfort from his Dad after overeating!!!!
Now his Nana has made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner which is one of his favourite meals and he is still full from lunch! LOL!!!

I have been missing my Dad like crazy lately (it was the anniversary of his death last weekend) and today this little message was doing the rounds ...

My Daddy

Wendy then sent this picture of a candle she was burning for him today...

My hunny is Taryn's God Father and she just sent him the most beautiful message which I am going to deliver to him now ~ Great Dad's certainly are not always the person who fathered you but certainly those who made the biggest impact on your life and my hunny has done that for a lot of people!  And I am proud to be the person who made him a Daddy.

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