Sunday, 21 June 2015


I'm not sure if I have said before how amazing my hunny is ... Let me say it again ... My hunny is the most amazing man I have EVER met!!!!  Yesterday our friend Mitch said that Richard should write a book called "What I can do".  I said he should write a book called "What I can't do" and then realized the book would be empty!

Two guys from Kenya somehow got hold of my hunny and asked him to source them each a motorbike as they wanted to ride from South African back home to Kenya so for the past two months that has taken up a lot of my hunny's time ~ He sourced the bikes, services them, added parts that he manufactures and made sure the bikes were ready for the trip.  

We met the first young guy, Miles, on Tuesday ~ He has this fancy British accent so you could forgive yourself for thinking you are speaking to one of William or Harry's friends.  He is also drop dead gorgeous!!!!

Thom arrived on Friday and he is the older cousin of Miles and seemingly the more responsible of the two.  Miles likes to joke that Thom is his PA.  He of course got everything moving at a fast pace as he has a wife waiting at home in Kenya for him and Miles would prefer to take a bit longer before he actually takes on this massive feat. 

They spent most of yesterday at our house getting ready as Thom was hoping to leave yesterday afternoon however they were horribly unprepared so Thom's wife secured them accommodation at Kwa Mkhabele down the road from us and we picked them up this morning and by around 10 they were on their way.  I am seriously concerned about them as they are not very experienced riders and they have 4,000 km's ahead of them.  Fortunately for them they have given themselves enough time to get back.

My hunny greeting the boys as they embark on their journey.  We are hoping to hear from them soon so that we know they are safe.  Their first stop was to be Gaborone.


  1. You are so blessed with an awesome HUNNY. These bikers look like they are ready for this awesome adventure. How exciting for your family to share in their adventure in this way.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Hi Desire, Hope you are keeping well and warm.

      It was fun but also stressful to share in this with them however without my hunny this adventure would have been more difficult for them. Just got an SMS which said that they got to the border not to Gaborone.