Monday, 18 May 2015


I am subscribed to Cheryl Richardson's newsletter and today's message (Meeting an angel in disguise) was just what I needed to hear.

The job in which I work makes people seem to forget that I am just human and have feelings and get hurt just like anyone else and sometimes when hurt I react like anyone else would ... but in my job that is wrong because I am supposed to be the one to give out the shoulder to cry on, the reassuring words, the motivation ... I am supposed to be super human ... but sadly I am not ~ I seem to have lost my Super Woman cape somewhere along the way.  

Today was a really challenging day as we had to go into a meeting with our Regional Manager and I was scared out of my mind (I can't believe that at 52 years old someone can scare me this much!!!) ... then after this stress I was chatting to one of my managers and he told me what some staff in one of my branches were saying about me I was even more out of sorts.  

Then I get home and see Cheryl's message and this resonates so loudly with me that I wanted to share it ...

So I will go back to these people who have so much to say about me and I will make it a loving experience!!! Even if they don't deserve it!

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