Tuesday, 12 May 2015


 Our coffee art this morning ...
 I asked Menzi ~ My coffee guy ~ If we could get on the bicycles and ride off home!!! He giggled and said "Yes ... Then you can miss the traffic!".

I had a meeting at Melrose Arch at 10 and when I got there they spoiled me with a hazelnut latte from Naked Coffee ... It was really yummy!!!
 This was the coffee art we got yesterday.


  1. What a surprise when I visited your page today and I had about 7 posts to read! I enjoyed every single one of them. Sorry to hear about Maggie ;(, never easy to lose a pet. Isnt that baby just the cutest little thing ever? Sam has told me about Menzi - he seems like such a nice guy and very talented, so nice of him to pick up on all the little things you talk about...makes one feel special! Good luck with work, winter and everything else that goes along with our everyday struggle - seems like "that time of year" arrives sonner and sonner every year... Blessings.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed my posts.

      I cannot wait to meet miss Anabella … Her Mom is one of my precious girls so she will more than likely follow in her Mom’s footsteps!

      I know you know how difficult it is to lose a pet … Connor is very sad.

      Menzi is a special one and I like to spoil him with lunch every now and again just so that he knows how special he is.

      Yep … Winter is nipping at our heels … last night I had to get up and dress a bit warmer as I couldn’t sleep … some of the shaking was
      not as a result of the cold but as a result of thinking about work. Ai ai ai!!!

  2. Happy Wednesday to you...I think I need one of those xx

    1. How I wish I could share one with you special lady!!!!