Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Yesterday afternoon on the way home Connor called and asked if I could fetch him later from Talora's house as they wanted to watch Game of Thrones ... so when I went to fetch him at around 5pm the sunset was AMAZING!!!!

 We stopped off at Comaro Crossing to get bread and the sunset was hiding behind the shopping centre however the sky still looked amazing ...
This morning when I went to meet Anna-Marie in the restaurant for coffee the sun was just peeking over the hill outside our office ... This isn't a great shot however it was stunning.  The perfect start to the day!


  1. You captured the sunset beautifully. Nowhere but in Africa are sunsets that beautiful.

    1. I wish I could experience some in other parts of the world however I am always in awe of the sunsets we get to see!
      And every time I cannot capture it properly I think of your “super power” of being able to download what you see.