Wednesday, 27 May 2015

TODAY IS ... ??? Oh yes ~ It's Wednesday!

I took my area manager for a cuppa today
I am really battling to keep the days straight at the moment and was sitting here trying to figure out what day it is ... There is nothing specific that I watch on a Wednesday on TV so hence the struggle.  LOL!!!!

Today I was supposed to have a hearing that was cancelled late yesterday so I decided to spend the day in the office as I had to be on a telecon at 11h00 with my boss.  All in all a pretty good day although I feel like I didn't get enough done so I brought the work home and in my bag it stayed.  After picking Connor up I came straight home and sat down at my scrap table and firstly finished up one of my pages that needed journaling.  Then I took out the next photos and I thought that I would only scrap until dinner time and then after dinner I would get my laptop out and work ... now that didn't happen ... instead this did ...

 This is the right hand side of the page ...
Although this photo was taken without the flash and me casting a shadow across the page there is still a reflection from somewhere!

This was the message that Wendy sent out this morning ... The last bit really got to me ...
 And then my friend Ana-Marie sent me this little gem ...

Well ... I'm off to bed!  Hope you all had a wonderful day!!!


  1. I also know what day it is by what I watch on TV :) Monday - Mysteries of Laura, Tue - Terug na Egipte, Wed - CSI Cyber, Thu - Koekkedoor, Fri - use to be Bachelor (hope the new series start soon). Really miss Masterchef, as I now have an hour to kill between 18:30 and 19:30. LOVE your train page, it is stunning!

    1. I also can’t wait for the Bachelor to come back!

      Monday is NCIS … Tuesday … I think is Chicago Fire … Wednesday is missing in action … Thursday is Blue Bloods … I LOVE Tom Selleck!!!

      I really enjoyed Master Chef … don’t usually watch it but this season was great. I prefer Junior Master Chef.

      I am really happy with how my train page turned out.


  2. ...and today is Thursday and I am wondering where the heck the week had gone.

    1. I am forever wondering where the time went!!! So you and I are in the same club!!!