Tuesday, 26 May 2015

LIFE ... In pictures

Monday, Monday ... So glad you're gone!!!!!  

I spent the morning in Krugersdorp CBD ~ After having a delicious coffee at M&B I went to the branch and chatted to a staff member ... Then I had to go back to the office as we had to attend our Regional Manager's MANCO.  Our boss was unable to attend with us and it was HORRIBLE!!!!  Talk about being a bit bruised afterwards.  We finished up just before 3h30 and I rushed out to fetch Connor from college.  On our way home my Mom called and gave me her shopping list so I decided to choose a healthier stress relief (I usually go for an ice cream at KFC) so I surprised Connor by popping past Happy.Me at Boskruin Village ... Connor went in and ordered for us while I went to Woolies.  OMGoodness ... the tea was DELICIOUS!!!! Fortunately the traffic wasn't bad and we made it home quite quickly.

Happy.Me has a really interesting interior and I feel like I need to put some colour on the walls ...

 I just love this upside down plant which hangs from the roof.

Last night I witnessed my son handling a really stressful situation with the utmost grace and patience.  I sure wish I had a friend like him when I was growing up ... All I can say is I am very proud of you and  ...

Tuesday 26th May 2015 ... This morning I started out at Clearwater Mall where I had to chat to two staff members ... I then rushed through to Rosebank Mall to meet with the branch manager and then on to our Head Office where I attended a baby shower for my new colleague Lindelwa ... She was so shocked when she walked into the room and everyone shouted "Surprise" that she walked right back out to compose herself.  She got spoiled rotten which was really nice.

These cup cakes looked so gorgeous ... Unfortunately I didn't get to taste one.

 After fetching Connor from college I dropped him off at St Martins to visit with his new girlfriend Calym and I went to the post office and Checkers and bumped into my sister Norma.  We finished out shopping and had a cuppa coffee together.  It was a really nice surprise as I have not seen her since our last Sisters Dinner.

I was so delighted when I downloaded my photos to see this gorgeous photo of her as I thought I had caught her with her eyes closed.

SOME PAGES TO SHARE ... I have been very busy working on getting my 2014 photos scrapbooked ... here are some pages I did over the weekend ...
I have always LOVED Becky Higgins style of scrapbooking.  I was fortunate enough to meet her a number of years ago at a Scrapbook Convention I worked at and she was amazing.

I hauled out my ancient Creative Sketches magazine and while paging through I found this layout that appealed to me ...
and this is what I created (just need to add the journalling) ...

I like to keep a record of the pages I scrapbook in a year and so far this year I have completed 106 pages ... Not too shabby!!!  As soon as I am finished with a page I lay out the next photos on my cutting mat and I start to think about what I am going to do.  It is wonderful to have my own scrap area where I can leave photos out and not have to pack up every evening ... If I didn't have my own space I know I would not get so much done.

I hope y'all had a wonderful Tuesday and that you wake up refreshed and ready to take on Wednesday.

I just love this ...


  1. Love to go on your blog and find a new post, and you have been spoiling us the last 2 weeks! Those cupcakes are just gorgeous, so are your pages. 106 pages for this year - wow, that is dedication for you and I am seriously impressed! To do something one enjoys is wonderful and I find scrapping such a stress relief. Keep them post coming, love hearing from you.

    1. Hey special one … Thanks for your comments … I am trying to keep up with at least the things that keep me sane ~ that being scrapbooking and blogging ~ Every night when I come home I think “I really need to work” but then I decide that I would rather scrapbook. I am trying to get 2014 finished … just started September tonight so by the end of the week I should be working on October.

      I managed to get another 3 pages finished tonight … Will post them just now.

      Keep well!!!!

  2. Whenever I read your blog and realise how busy the corporate world can be...I count my blessings. I don't know how you have the energy to still scrap all those pretty pages. I think we need to visit that coffee shop with some crayons...it looks like a colouring book.

    1. Hey my friend,

      When I get home I try and switch off because this job is just crazy … it never used to be like this but right now we
      are all trying to prove ourselves, yet again, to a tyrant who just has absolutely no respect for us. It is not a very
      nice place to be right now so I need the distraction.

      I certainly agree that we need to arm ourselves with some crayons and go and colour in while they make us many
      cups of delicious iced tea!!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!