Saturday, 23 May 2015


Friday 22 May 2015: The day started out early as usual and I was lucky enough to have coffee with my friend Delphine ... She came to sign her contract as she will be standing in for my colleague Lindelwa when she goes on maternity leave at the end of the month.  Fortunately she will also be taking some of the burden off of me as she will be looking after one of the areas that I need to hand over to Lindelwa when she returns from maternity leave ~ I will be sad not to work with those managers however there is just too much work trying to look after so many branches/staff.  I shot out to Flora Centre to do some interviews and then back to the office for the afternoon until I left to fetch Connor at college.  On the way home we passed an accident where a pedestrian was killed on the highway and Connor had a major panic attack ... It was difficult driving and talking him through breathing properly.  I dropped him off at St Martins to visit with Calym for an hour and after dinner I sat down at my scrap table and created this layout ...

Saturday 23 May 2015:  In the early hours of this morning I was woken twice with a massive cramp in my calf so when my hunny woke me with a cuppa tea at 06h50 and I got up I could hardly walk so I decided not to do Park Run.  Instead I ran a bath and relaxed in the hot water and read for two hours.  I got Connor up and we popped down to The Glen to do some errands and get some pies for lunch.  Our friend Mitch was in the garage with my hunny this morning and he had lunch with us.

Connor was going to his friend Keegan's birthday party tonight and asked if we could go past Rosebank Mall on the way.  We were going through the double decker section of the M1 and saw this scooter in front of us ... The way this buy transports his crutches is priceless ...
 We had coffee at Exclusive Books and I ordered a slice of pecan nut pie ... Underwhelmed is all I can say!

However the company of this young man made up for it ...
We popped into the Pick 'n Pay liquor store to get a bottle of Klipdrift for Keegan and there is a 

Happy Me

(Happy.Me) next door ... I have seen this place as the bank is across the passage but didn't know what it was however some of Connor's friends had mentioned it to him so he decided that we needed to experience this for ourselves.  The lady he dealt with was very helpful.  So you create your own drink ... Connor chose a Rooibos base, added passion fruit flavour and mango bubbles ... I have never had anything like this and I will definitely be back for more!!!! 
After dinner I sat down at my scrap table again and was inspired by this page made by my friend Lynette who lives in P.E. ... 
And this is the page I created about Connor and the friends he went to his first Oppi Koppi with ...
 I am off back to my scrap table to work until we leave later to fetch Connor from the party.  Hope you have had a restful Saturday!!!


  1. If you can get your hands on a Taro milk bubble tea... It is just so amazing! Xx

    1. Hey sweet girl ... We will look at the menu and see if they have that on the menu here. We are in love with this iced tea!!!

  2. Thank you for a great catch up post...and your page looks great ♥

    1. Thanks special lady ... I love your page so much and it just fit these photos perfectly. Thank you for always being an inspiration!!!