Thursday, 21 May 2015

21 May 2015 ... FRIDAY EVE!

Yesterday I had a meeting with two of my managers in Cradlestone Mall ... We met at Showroom Cafe ~ they serve a mean Latte and their carrot cake was simply delicious!!! 

I worked late in the office and Connor called to say that we had load-shedding.  When I was driving home I saw that some of the lights down our road were on and my hunny said that the lights had flashed on and then went off so something obviously went wrong when they tried to switch the lights back on.  We waited until nearly 7 and the lights were still not on so we went down to Nando's for dinner ... Here are out load-shedding dinner photos ...

The lights eventually came back on after 9.

After a rather hectic day today I packed up and left my laptop at the office, fetched Connor from college and stopped off at Burger King for him to get something to eat before dropping him at St. Martin's School where he attended a poetry night with his friend Calym.  After dinner I watched Master Chef Australia and then spent time at my scrapbook table ... This is the layout I did which is from July 2014.
 Yesterday was my niece Gina's birthday.  Tonight when I downloaded my photos this one of her little lady Anabella downloaded ... Isn't she too gorgeous.  I can't wait to meet her ...
I'm off to bed as I am rather exhausted and have got a really busy day ahead tomorrow.

Hope you have all had a Terrific Thursday.


  1. I hope you ard having a restful weekend. Loadshedding is something I still struggle with. It makes me mad that the government was so bad at planning for the future.

    1. So far so good ... I am sitting here at my computer getting ready to do a blog post.

      I am also frustrated that they want to charge us more for less service delivery. Our government is really a confused bunch!