Sunday, 29 March 2015


This is "MY COFFEE GUY".

Although I promised myself that I would save money by not buying coffee at work my day is not complete without seeing this guy.

When my friend Anna-Marie and I go down for our morning fix he knows exactly how we have our coffee and adds our sweetener into the coffee.  He has started doing "coffee art" and giggles every day when I take a photo of our coffee,

 On Thursday I was feeling horrible so I stayed at home.  My friend Anna-Marie sent me this photo ...

On Friday morning Anna-Marie was going to Sandton on training and she was meeting a colleague downstairs who was catching a lift with her.  Our restaurant only opens at 7 so she said that she would order me a coffee and she would drink hers in the car.  At 06h37 she called to say that our coffee was being made for us and that I should come down.  When I got there he asked me "Are you feeling better?" and "Did you get your message yesterday?"  He is absolutely amazing.

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