Thursday, 12 February 2015


I will be delighted to see the back of this week ... although there have been some highlights in it.

Yesterday I visited my branch in Melrose Arch to do preparation for a hearing that was taking place today ... and as always I got there VERY early and JB's is right across the road from the bank so I had a cuppa coffee and added in some french toast.  The view from where I was sitting was rather pretty.

The hearing preparation went very well and when I left to fetch Connor from school the traffic was a bit of a nightmare because of load shedding in the area.  Fortunately it didn't take me too long to get to Connor.

This morning the sky looked spectacular when I left home and there was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise but I couldn't find anywhere to take a photo of it.  As I drove towards the highway the sun was behind me and there was a gorgeous rainbow in front of me.  I got to work and finalised some stuff for the hearing, then had a cuppa coffee with my friend Sam.  The hearing went off really well and although it is something that can be viewed as very negative we all came out of the hearing feeling very positive about the outcome.

 I met my sisters at Casa Rossi for Sisters Dinner (yes it is the second Thursday of the second month of the year!!!!).  Great food, fabulous service and amazing company was the order of the night.  As usual we found a reason to swap gifts ... Valentine's Day!!!  Noleen gave us each a metal sign made from corrugated iron with the saying "Because I have a sister I will always have a friend", Norma gave us green fizzers and Wendy gave us two heart shaped chocolates.  I gave each of the girls a gift bag with a bottle of Nescafe coffee, a box of biscuits and a packet of sweets.

Wendy had a delicious prawn and avo salad (the avo replaced tinned mango - not sure why they would used tinned when it is high season for mangoes!!!); Norma and Noleen shared a pizza and I had a penne alfredo which was absolutely delicious!!!

When we left we took some photos in the parking lot ...

Norma Noleen and Wendy ... My adopted sister Ally couldn't make it from New York tonight!!!
Wendy's long arm shot

To be featured on Simply Sassy Style
My long arm shot was a bit shaky ... still trying to get used to taking selfies with my new camera/phone.

I'm off to bed ... Sleep tight y'all!!!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome week...I am also glad it is Friday and I have two days to just chill.

  2. It is really so special that you and your special siblings get together so regularly xxx
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