Monday, 23 February 2015


I need to warn you up front ... This is a long post with a lot of photos!!!!  

A quick round-up of what's been happening in my neck of the woods ...

13th February 2015: The day started off with a magnificent sunrise ... I managed to capture this however it does not do the real thing justice.

When Anna-Marie and me went to get coffee at the restaurant we got these gorgeous looking treats ... unfortunately it was a disguised red velvet ball ... the outside and hearts were yummy though.

I went through to Garden World early for the recognition function (Greater West Rand and Roodepoort Areas) and was disappointed in their tea garden ... I walked around the property and found some interesting items in the gardens ...

They have a little farm yard where I saw the cutest little spotted pig and a HUGE big one ...
If these buck were not chewing I would have thought they were statues!!! LOL!!!
The hall was decorated beautifully ...

The view from the balcony ...

I was surprised that no-one landed in the swimming pool!!!  My friend Johan dressed to the nines???
Saturday 14th February 2015 ... I joined Wendy at Park Run and we went to Latchino's for breakfast afterwards ... It was a bit better than the coffee shop we have been frequenting but only by a smidgeon!  Wendy took her BFF there the other day and gave the new owner feedback ~ she was very happy as she is trying to upgrade the place and also re-train her waiters.

There were lots of us dressed in red ... My favourite dog (and most unfavourite human!!!) came dressed for the occasion!!!
We had had some rain and this little boy came ready to attack the puddles ... he was a bit disappointed that there were not more puddles.
When I arrived home I gave my boys their Valentines Day gifts ... Connor got the new NAG magazine and some peppermints ... Yep that's the face of ... "Oh dear!!!!! I didn't get you anything!!!!!"

And my honey got this book on The Doors ...

We had the pleasure of load shedding from 14h10 to 19h15 ... Connor had a dinner booking for 20h00 so we had to get some food into him so we went to Mugg & Bean and he chose a Sriracha Torte ~ The waitress said that it was 'very hot' however I think this tipped the scale ... Connor's nose started to run and he ate a quarter of my muffin to try and put out the flames.  By the time he was finished his eyes were watering and he vowed never to have one of those again!!!

Connor took Bianca to Galaxy Grill at The Glen for dinner and he gave her a pretty bracelet and earrings from Fifth Avenue Collection.
Sunday 15 February 2015: Connor arranged with Dylan to come around so they could hang out ... We were going to meet him at The Glen (Connor wanted to check out paint ball masks at Blades and Triggers) but we saw him on our way down so we let him drop his car at our house and we drove to The Glen together ... The boys enjoyed some Mangolattas and I had a coffee at Cafe Fino.  I looked horrendous with no make up and of course that is the day that you see someone you know ... Also having some drinks was my friend Saras and her hubby and their daughter with the absolutely gorgeous tiny grand daughter ... I was so happy to meet her as I had seen photos of her but she is so precious in the flesh.

17th March 2015: On our way home we popped into KFC for an ice-cream and we saw this guy sitting outside waiting for his master ... Connor asked him if he could take his photo and he obliged.

18th March 2015: Another Recognition Function ... This time for Rosebank Area at The Wanderers Club.  We had a wonderful time in this beautiful venue.

This is what it looked like before ...

And here it is after some decorating took place ...
The garden is beautiful during the day and looks magical at night ...

I had to giggle when I took this photo of myself in the mirror of the very fancy rest-room ... I had on my favourite shirt and didn't want to ask someone else to take a photo of me so this is it ...
Friday 20 February 2015: We were sent a meeting request on Thursday afternoon to attend a meeting on Friday at one of my favourite venues ~ Olwazini.  Although I love the place I was a bit worried about what the meeting was about and it turned out to be nothing like any of us thought it would be. I took this photo of the team and everyone, including me, was shocked when the flash went off.
 When the meeting finished I drove through to Sandton as we were meeting at The Baron @ 24 Central to bid Linda "Bon Voyage" ... she leaves for Australia on Thursday for a month's holiday.  I gave her a little book with sheep on it with a message ... Enjoy your trip and watch out for the sheep ... Unless they are attached to a sexy farmer!!!!

Linda and Leonie

Ali and me

On a Friday night the cocktails are half price so we decided to indulge ... Linda chose a Mango Cocktail

Yes ... I had an Espresso Martini with Ali.  It was interesting but I am not rushing back to have another one.
Leonie had a coconut and berry cocktail however there was more smell of coconut but little taste of it.
Saturday was spent scrapbooking with the girls and Sunday I spent a lot of time in bed with an incredible headache.

Our friend Mitch is air brushing a motorbike tank for Richard to put on his wall along with all his car grills ... It is looking amazing ... Richard loves Marilyn Monroe so this is a lovely tribute to her ...  This was the first picture Mitch sent to Richard ...
And this is the follow-up ... He is amazingly talented!!!


  1. Wow, I am always so amazed by your full and busy life. I could make a post nearly as long commenting on everything but I will try not to-lol. So, getting my priorities straight I will mention that you look fantabulous in that green colour, your favourite shirt is really pretty too and that is a great photo of you! Love your hair. I laughed at the picture and mention of your not favourite human. I assume she does not read this blog. The little boy in the puddle is just adorable! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when yours was that size? I know it does for me and he is 20 now. I hope your weekend is full of fun or rest, whichever you need most. xoxo

  2. Hi Shawna ... Thanks for your lovely comment ... I wouldn't mind you commenting as long as the blog post!!!! I love hearing your thoughts and insights!!!

    I do love the colour green and it matches my eyes nicely. My not so favourite human doesn't even know me ... I just don't like the way she handles that precious dog. That little boy in the puddle just made me think how quickly the time has passed by and that my son is hurtling towards 20 years old in July!!!