Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Tuesday 10 February ... Although I could ill afford the time away from the office I enjoyed seeing a lot of the people I know in the bank at the conference.  This is one of the gorgeous table decorations in the hall ...

I fetched Connor from school early as we had an appointment for an MRI today.  We popped into a new Burger King at a garage close to his school as, with all growing boys, he was starving.  While waiting for our food he got a couple of minutes of reading in.
We got to the hospital and Connor had to remove anything with metal ... This is the first time since July last year that he has removed his OppiKoppi arm band ... He managed to wiggle it off his arm and then afterwards he got it back on again ... much to his relief!!!

We had a frustrating 3 hours at the hospital as they don't tell you what is going on ... Only when we left did Connor explain that they had problems with the MRI machine.  We didn't wait for the results of the X-Rays so we are not sure of the outcome and will have to wait for the doctor to call us.

I took these photos while he was still upbeat ...


  1. Hi Lynn...I am trying very hard to catch up with blog reading but it is a losing battle. It was good to hear about what is happening in your neck of the woods. Praying that the outcome of the MRI is good for Connor. xx

  2. HI ya.. I saw your post over at Ally's (Shybiker:) thanks so much and I am happy to be introduced to your blog.. you have tons of great stuff here, I love DIY myself so always love getting inspiring ideas from others :) Nice to meet you!

  3. Love that paper flower decoration. Trust all is well with Connor.
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