Saturday, 7 February 2015


I am really trying ...

Let me tell you the story of my desk pad.

  • In October/November I get my new desk pad and write all my birthdays on it for the whole year. 
  • Each month I write some motivational quotes in the notes section.
  • As most people who know me know ... I am a pain the the @ss about my desk ...
    >> Do not put a cup down on my desk pad;
    >> Do not fiddle with my stuff;
    >> Do not move my stuff around on my desk
So ... On Thursday night when I worked late I removed the January page from my desk pad as one of the cleaners had placed a wet rag on it at some time and it was curling up and seriously irritating me.  When I removed it I still thought "what would Mom say as it is not the new month yet and I am opening the page??" but I went ahead anyways.

Well ... At breakfast on Friday I was telling Wendy and Connor my sorry story about my desk pad and how irritated I was, etc. etc.!!!!!

Hmmmmmm!!!! On my way home to get ready for the wedding my phone rings and it is a number from the office ... I contemplated not answering but then thought that it may be my friend Sam.  Instead it was my friend Zelma who is the manager at our Rivonia Branch.  She says ... "Oh Lynn I am so sorry!!!! I just messed ink on your desk pad ... it is bad but you can still read your writing!!!" My response ... "I hope you are joking".  It turns out that she was not joking!!! This is what I found when I arrived at my desk on Monday ... 
 Now the black spots go all the way across the page and the big splodge has bled through 3 months.  What had happened was Zelma saw that other people had written me messages on the whiteboard at my desk and she also wanted to write something but when she opened the pen she opened the wrong side and this is when all the ink ran out.  She sent me an e-mail on Monday apologizing again and saying that she got me a new pad ... my response was that I had covered up the right had side with another piece of paper and written my motivational messages on it and that the spots would remind me every day of her ... Then I saw this message and it all made sense!!!!
I was honestly grateful that she had thought to write me a message ... which she didn't in her panic about the mess and the spots remind me every day that she cares about me and I am reminded how special she is to me!!!


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing an making me think......

    1. It took me the whole weekend to get myself ready to see the damage ... and that message about gratitude made the difference.

  2. That's a great story, Lynn! How cute to be remembered every day because of an ink blot. Perhaps you could hold psycho-analysis sessions having all your co-workers come and tell you what they see in the ink blot. ;-)

    I have worked in situations where I had to share a desk and boy is that hard! Two people are not always desk compatible and it's like asking me to share my bed with someone I don't want to have sex with. xoxo

    1. Love the idea of asking my co-workers to tell me what they see in the spots!!!