Saturday, 7 February 2015


For the past while I have seriously been battling to "get my groove on" in a whole lot of ways ...
  1. Work ... I am battling to get to a place where I feel like I am on top of things ... I keep feeling like there may be light at the end of the tunnel and then I hear that darn whistle of a freight train!!!!
  2. Scrapbooking ... Although scrapbooking has always been my therapy I am battling to get inspiration to sit down at my scrapbook table.
    ... So this afternoon I sorted and tidied it up as it was looking like a thunderstorm passed through my scrap room!!!
    .... I took out the paper I bought for The Scrap Addicts Layout Challenge for June ~ I hope this will give me the inspiration to get moving.
    ... Looking at my friend Lynette's blog today was just the inspiration I need to get me moving ... She does incredible work!!!!
  3. Blogging ... My blog has become my "journal" that I can readily refer to to find out when I did something but even that has become a chore ... although today when I sat down to do the past two weeks worth of stories I felt a lot better.
  4.  I am even battling to keep up with answering messages on my phone!!!
I need a swift kick up the butt and a serious talking to to get my head right. 

Right now I am going to ...
  • finish up this post and share my last couple of photos;
  • leave the study and take the box with a Justine order that has been sitting in my study for over a week and put it in the gift cupboard where it belongs;
  • sit down at my scrap table and start working on the layout.

Here are the photos I wanted to share ...
  • MY SCRAPBOOK TABLE: Before and after ...
  • BIRTHDAY GIFT from Jo ... She gave me a cricut cartridge, a cricut bag and some gorgeous stamps and a shopping list with a gorgeous sunset on it because she said "I know how you are always chasing sunrises and sunsets"... proof that she reads my blog!!!! LOL!!!!

  •  A SNEAK PEEK: At the papers I am using for the June Scrap Addicts Layout Challenge ...
  •  A GORGEOUS LITTLE GIRL: This is a photo of my friend Marian's little girl Lua that I accessed on WhatsApp ...

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