Saturday, 7 March 2015

Playing Catch-Up!

I feel like I am constantly "playing catch-up" and need to put an end to this ... So here is my motto ...

I visited my branch in Campus Square and as usual was there before anything was open ... the staff in the Wimpy kindly allowed me to sit inside before the restaurant was open and even offered me coffee.  I logged on and got some e-mails actioned.  The sky looked amazing and of course my camera is always present ...

FAREWELL VUYO ... My colleague Vuyo decided to move to Pretoria (where our old boss works) as the traveling from Midrand to the West Rand was affecting her budget and time spent on the road badly ... We didn't have a farewell for her but I did give her a little gift ... some glasses for home and some flavoured bottled water and then a pretty mug with some white hot chocolate and biscuits for the office ... Just a little something to remember me by.

I took this lovely photo of her with the two area managers she looked after ... We are going to miss her craziness in the office.

Pule, Vuyo, Loshni

PARK RUN ... Wendy and I walked last week and again this morning ... This is the sign they have at Rietvlei about Park Run ...

28 February 2015 : My time = 00:52:57 :  Congratulations on completing your 21st parkrun and your 20th at Rietvlei parkrun, JHB South today. You finished in 720th place and were the 330th female out of a field of 959 parkrunners and you came 33rd in your age category VW50-54.  Your Personal Best at Rietvlei parkrun, JHB South remains 00:52:00. Congratulations on your fastest time this year.
7 March 2015 : My time = 00:52:25 : Congratulations on completing your 22nd parkrun and your 21st at Rietvlei parkrun, JHB South today. You finished in 690th place and were the 323rd female out of a field of 939 parkrunners and you came 33rd in your age category VW50-54. Your Personal Best B at Rietvlei parkrun, JHB South remains 00:52:00. Congratulations on your fastest time this year.

I am really interested in doing this walk and need to see if I can get Connor to go and do it with me.

SUNDAY (1 March 2015) : We hadn't seen my youngest sister Jenny since 27 December 2014 so I arranged to meet her at Northgate for brunch.  Connor was supposed to go paint balling but decided that he would rather spend time with us and asked if we could pass Reader's Warehouse on our way to Northgate ... He got Jean M Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear and decided that he wanted Jenny to read it as well so he got her a copy for her birthday which is later this month, I also added a gorgeous Lindt Easter Bunny to her gift bag.  We got to Northgate before Jenny so decided to have a cuppa coffee at Mugg & Bean while we waited for her to join us.  As usual Connor had his book with him and as always I inspected the top of his head!!!
After brunch we walked around a bit and Jenny bought me a beautiful scarf.  We ended up at Wakkaberry for some frozen yoghurt and ate it while we enjoyed watching the people on the ice-rink.

MONDAY (2 March 2015) came around far too fast.  To get us in the mood for the week Anna-Marie and I got a cuppa good coffee at our restaurant ... The guy who does our coffee is working very hard at his coffee illustrations ... And I think he is doing a great job!!!

On our way home from gym on WEDNESDAY (4 March 2015) the sunset was amazing however by the time we got to take a photo the sun had disappeared ~ this is what we captured ...

SATURDAY (7 March2015) After ParkRun this morning we went to Latchino's for breakfast ... Jarod is working there and of course I had to take a photo of him when he delivered our water ... We had a relaxed breakfast and as we were leaving to go to our cars a lady arrived with her JOY Dogs ... It is impossible not to feel joyful after interacting with these guys ... They are super well behaved and allowed me to take some photos of them ...

I just missed the actual kiss between Wendy and Oscar.

The JOY Dogs

They belong to the breed Old English Sheepdogs:
  • Jazmine is 7 years old and comes from Port Elizabeth
  • Oscar is 5 years old and comes from Belgium
  • Yola is nearly 2 years old and comes from Hungary
  • Yogi comes from East London, is 13 years old and semiretired at the beginning of 2014.
All the dogs have been trained since puppyhood and still attend school twice a week.

  • I was delighted last week to receive an envelope from my friend and fellow blogger Shybiker a.k.a. Ally who lives in New York ... The envelope was home to this gorgeous Valentine's Card ~ and it is also the only one I received ~ Thanks Ally!!!!
  • I blogged about my visit with Jolene in January this year.  I had asked her to please take back birthday gifts for my precious friend Natalie and her family who also live in New Zealand.  She met with Nats a few weeks ago to deliver the gifts and they hit it off (no surprise there as they are both AMAZING human beings!!!).  She shared these photos yesterday of her follow-up dinner ... I sooooooo wish I could have been there!!!!  They took these photos especially for me ...

Melanie (Nats' daughter), Nats and Jo.
OPERATION CATCH-UP : As part of Operation Catch-Up I did the following this week ...
  • On Monday Connor and I returned to the gym ... I had a bit more energy than normal so managed to get all my payments done, updated my spreadsheet and did all the filing which included matching credit card slips to bank statements ~ that makes my work bag soooo much lighter!!!
  • When Richard and Connor went to the ice-rink on Tuesday night I stayed at home and cleared out a huge bag of papers ... I had placed all these papers in this bag with the idea of cleaning them up a bit at a time however this didn't happen so I decided to attack the whole bag ... Now I only have a small pile of papers that need to be put in order.
  • I made two notebooks ... One is a birthday gift for my friend Linda Cresswell and the other one is for my colleague Michelle who I said I would make a notebook for her to keep track of her birthdays/ birthday gift ideas/gift given and hadn't gotten around to it ... NOW = there are two items ticked off the "To Do" list.
  • I spent some time at my scrap table last night ~ I finished up my June Scrap Challenge page and then did the front page for 2015 although I don't have a photo yet of the three of us to put on the page (go figure!!!).  I also put out the photos for the next page which is The Rocky Horror Show ... Just need some inspiration now!!!!  I will spend some more time there this evening.
  • I made Connor and myself an appointment with our hairdresser guru Kirsten ... this is at least 3 weeks overdue (can you see the Catch-Up story here!!!???) and I CANNOT wait to get this mop sorted out.  Will share pictures later.  So I am off to get cleaned up.


  1. We missed you!!! Come visit us! Xxxx

    1. Oh how I wish I could sweet girl!!!!