Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sunset & Sisters Dinner

Today being the second Thursday of the month meant the first Sisters Dinner of the year.  As it is my birthday month I got to choose the restaurant and I chose "The Galaxy Grill" @ The Glen.  On my way down to The Glen I was amazed at how high the sun still was and by the time I got to the top parking of the centre it had started to set ... And you can imagine how my heart was fluttering at experiencing this gorgeous sunset ...

I drove to the downstairs parking and met up with Noleen and Norma in the parking lot but first had to take another photo of the sunset ...
 and then a photo of them waiting for me!!! LOL!!!
Wendy joined us in the restaurant and so the first Sisters Dinner of the year officially began.  I had a biltong and avo rump ... Yummy!!!!!! and that is Norma's gift to me in the background.
 I asked a little guy at the table next to us if he could take a photo of the 4 of us ... he did a really good job.
 Then I took a photo of each of my gorgeous sisters ...
 And here are the 51 year olds ... that is until next week when I turn 52!
 I took this cute photo of Wendy in her newly acquired dress!  Which she got at 60% off!  

She looks amazing having just achieved her goal weight at WeighLess ... an inspiration!!!
Norma gave me my birthday gift which consisted of a cute summer jarmies with a rabbit face on it, liquorice toffees from Woolies and a beautiful black & white scarf ... Thanks Norma!!!
All in all a lovely evening with 3 of my favourite people in the world.


  1. What a stunning sunset and such good times with all the pretty sisters.

  2. I think that beautiful sunsets are gifts. We should all so and just bask in their glow.

    I love my dress