Thursday, 8 January 2015

Home Made Hamburgers

StufzConnor saw the advert in Builders Warehouse for the Stufz Hamburger Maker the other day and bought it and last night he made us hamburgers for dinner.

Mine was stuffed with ham and cheese and was really yummy and super filling.  This one was obviously not "sealed" properly and some of the cheese was escaping ...

 Connor enjoying his own creation ...
I met my friend Michelle for breakfast yesterday morning and we had a wonderful time catching up and me quizzing her about her recent holiday to Thailand.  We also had a chance to exchange Christmas gifts ... Connor was absolutely thrilled with his gift which was a set of wooden puzzles ... which puzzled him!!!  And he LOVED them.  Here he is sitting at the table after dinner trying to work one of them out.

And yes that is an alice band in his hair keeping it off his face!!!

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