Sunday, 4 January 2015

SINCE WHEN?????? Highlights ~ Part 3

23 December 2014 ... Mad Platter and Christmas House

Our friend Mitch mentioned that they were going to visit "The Christmas House" on Vermooten Street in Alberton with the kids ... I have always wanted to go and see the house but we have just never gotten around to it.  We joined them for dinner at the Mad Platter (certainly will not be rushing back there!!!) in the Lemon Tree Centre in Alberton and then on to the house.  I cannot imagine how much work it takes to get this house set up!!!  It is so busy that they even have a fire engine and ambulance on standby.

25 December 2014 ... Christmas Lunch @ Hakunamatata
Wendy and Graeme joined us for Christmas Lunch at Hakunamatata ... Thankfully the weather was lovely as all the tables were set up under the trees.  The lunch was really yummy and we felt really spoiled as our waitress was very attentive to us.

 Decluttering at the end of 2014
I love to declutter at the end of the year ... I took two huge black bags of linens, towels, and other stuff to work for the security guards ... they were very grateful for all the goodies.
Next was my wardrobe ... and I sent two black bags and a bit more to the shop on the corner of our road where one of the bakers wears the same size shoe as me.

26 December 2014 ... Branch @ Jenny ~ We joined Jenny, her best friend & family and my step-Mom for brunch at Jenny's house.  She served a absolute feast and we had a wonderful time chatting to her and her friends.  I cannot figure out why I didn't take one single photo!!!!

27 December 2014 ... An extra scrap date

Alison invited us to her home for an extra scrap-date.  Lynette is on holiday is Cape Town so the rest of us met at Alison's house around 8am.

I am feeling so disorganized that I just packed in my card stuff and spent the day making cards ... We decided to go over the road to Urban Angel for lunch.
 Alison's neighbour is not a very nice lady ... She always complains about us parking outside Alison's property ... eve if you park out of the way.  She is away on holiday so I parked right outside her garage door ... If she could see that she would have an absolute hernia!!!! LOL!!!!!
28 December 2014 ... Lifestyle Home  Garden
We wanted to go to WestPack so decided to go to the one at Lifestyle.  We popped into The Silver Birch and Richard and I had divine scones and Connor had flapjacks and .... for those of you who have read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams ... then Connor tried a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster ... and Dad had a taste.

29 December 2014 ... King Edward High School:  After a few meetings with staff at Norwood Branch I popped past KES to have coffee with my friend Ian and his wife Col.  Col showed me around the school and the newly renovated Science Labs.  We then had coffee with Ian and afterwards he showed me the library and museum ... it is high tech however is in one of the old buildings in the school.  I hope the kids who go to this school know how privileged they are.
30 December 2014 ... I met my friend Shorts and her son for coffee at The Glen after work ~ It was amazing to have time to catch up with her. Connor joined us a bit later.


  1. Love to see your photos. You and Wendy seem to be very close.

  2. Thanks my friend. Yes, Wendy and I are close and have been since she was a little girl ~ Big sister protection/instincts and it is still like that today.