Sunday, 4 January 2015


1 January 2015 ... I was DELIGHTED when I woke up this morning and there was no rain!!!!

I got ready and drove through to The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens where I met Ali for our customary New Year's Walk.  Unfortunately Connor and Richard didn't join us as they were busy working in Connor's room ... I will share some photos in another post.

We were pleasantly surprised by the outdoor gym at the gardens and did a bit of work on some of the machines ... What fun!!!!

 We were halfway up "the hill"by this time and were surprised when we were suddenly at the top ... Of course a bit of tomfoolery ...

 It really wasn't that hard today!!!!

I LOVE Proteas ... even the tree after the flower is finished flowering.
 And then ... along came Mr Tortoise consistently walking up the hill ... When I got a bit close he cheekily withdrew into his shell and gave me a sigh!!!! How funny!!!!
 The waterfall was spectacular this morning!!!
Here is Ali and me ... while I play with my new toy ~ My Samsung Zoom given to me by my hunny and son for Christmas.  Not so good yet at the selfies!!! LOL!!!

We went to Eagles Faire for breakfast and decided to sit outside and just after they served us our food it started to rain so we moved inside.

Another wonderful start to a new year.

I spent the afternoon quietly at home with my boys while they worked on the wall unit for Connor's room.

Wishing you all a spectacular 2015!!!!


  1. Happy New Year Lynn. Wishing you much joy, peace and love for 2015. Summer only arrived in Port Elizabeth on New Years day.

    1. Happy New Year to you too special lady. Wishing you a year filled to overflowing with all the blessings your heart can handle.

      Summer showed her face here in Jhb today … It was 26 degrees in our office ~ I felt like I was melting!!!