Sunday, 4 January 2015

SINCE WHEN????? Highlights ~ Part 1

I cannot believe that I have not blogged since 23 November 2014!!! To get over the feeling of overwhelm that I am feeling at the moment (hate feeling like this at the start of the year) I am going to show some highlights since then.  Here goes ...

30 November 2014 ... Toy Run
Richard and  Connor joined the Toy Run at the Block House starting point on the R59.  I met early at Wendy's house and followed her to the end point and helped her set up her 5th Avenue jewellery.  Before long the crowds starting filtering in.  There were motorbikes and people of all shapes, sized and fanciness.
 I searched through throngs of bikers for my boys and was so happy when I eventually found them.  This is just some of the motorbikes.
 5 - 8 December 2014 ... Scrap Addicts Christmas Scrap-A-Thon.

We booked at the Silver Stone Guest House at 199 Surrey Ave, Randburg for our yearly Christmas scrapbooking weekend.  I arrived around 13h30 to set up the conference room.  I had bought material and my Mom had sewed us up Christmas tablecloths and I added my gift to the girls ... A jar filled with goodies, some wooden letters, a pair of polka-dot scissors and some Justine handcream.

 We exchanged Christmas gifts and the girls were super creative ... Linda gave us a cute t-shirt which says Keep Calm and Scrapbook / Leonie gave us a goodie bag and my favourite item was a saying by Winnie-The-Pooh ... Piglet asks "How do You Spell Love?"and Winnie answers ... "You don't spell it you feel it".
Alison and I are suffering the melting effects of menopause ... She found us gorgeous fans and added one to my Christmas gift along with a "Scrapbook Survival Kit" which was a gorgeous little bag with Fastum Gel and Panamor pain killers.

 As always we packed and shared the most gorgeous packs ... I will share the pages once finished.  After each page I did I made some cards ... Here are just 4 of them ...
10 December 2014 ... Team Christmas Lunch ~ Ciao Baby Cucina @ Clearwater Mall.
 Our team met for our last lunch with our boss Philisiwe who has been appointed to a new role in Pretoria.  I gave the girls their Christmas gift which consisted of a delicious tub of biscuits baked by my special friend Charlene, a Christmas Gift box with a few goodies in it and the easiest way to transport it was in a shopping bag which I got at Checkers. 

 11 December 2014 ... OR Tambo Airport ... Jarod and Liam are off to America.  We went through to the airport after work today to say "Bye" to the boys as they headed to America to spend Christmas with their Dad, Step-Mom and sisters.  When we got to the airport we found that their flight had been delayed by 3 hours AND Liam had to travel unaccompanied minor because Jarod is under 18!  We booked them in and were told to come back at 8h30 so we went and had dinner at Ocean Basket (horrible service and food).  We went back to the counter and were told to come back again later ... We had coffee and the boys walked around for a while and this time when we went back they took them through   We were all exhausted and decided to go home (usually you have to wait until the flight takes off before you can leave the airport) as we are only 30 minutes away from the airport and the flight was already delayed so what else could possibly happen??

15 December 2014 ... Coffee with two of my favourite people @ Isabella's ~ Cradlestone Mall.
Eddie, Sam and I were battling to get together for our last coffee of the year ... We had something in our diaries and then I was asked to do a hearing so we had to postpone.  Eddie had already gone on leave but came through from Pretoria to join us at Cradlestone Mall.  I got him Nataniel's book and had wrapped it half in Christmas paper and the other half in Birthday paper as his birthday is on the 24th.  I think by his smile that I can assume he liked the gift.
Although I have seen Isabella's each time I have been to the branch I have never tried it ... WOW!!! I had a stunning sweet waffle, Sam had really interesting French toast and Eddie had a savoury waffle.  Time well spent with special friends.


  1. Ooh some great memories here. And of course Nataniel's book is at the top of my list to get soonest.
    Happy New Year !!!
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Happy New Year to you too special lady!!!

  2. You made a lot of memories...and you have the photos to prove it.

  3. That’s why we take photos … I can’t wait to get time to scrapbook them.