Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another week has flown by ...

By 10am on Monday I had totally forgotten that I had had leave at all!  The week flew past with me trying to catch up, a full day of hearing prep and then another day filled with the hearing and getting the minutes done and then leaving the office on Friday afternoon feeling like I had not accomplished anything.  One nice thing that happened in the week was after the hearing on Wednesday our Hearing Chairperson paid me a lovely compliment and my boss asked him to place it on the recognition system ... So nice to be appreciated.  Thanks Eric!  Then I saw a recognition logged by my boss ... WOW!
Some positives for the week ... Got our tax returns done ~ made an appointment to see our tax guy at the ice rink on Tuesday ~ talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!!!  The boys skated for a while and then we had drinks at Spur and handed over out tax docs ~ it is the latest we have ever done our tax but it was in before the deadline.

I REALLY love FlyLady ~ if you need help getting organized go and check out her website ~ She  suggests that you make believe you are going on a cruise on 1 December and returning on 24 December and you have to have all your Christmas gifts finalized by 1 December.  So with that in mind I wrote my list a number of weeks ago and started buying gifts as I saw what I thought the people on my list would like.  On Thursday night I decided to start wrapping those gifts.

On Friday morning when I left the house the sky looked amazing ...
I had a rather busy day and I stopped off at The Glen on the way home and did some more Christmas and birthday gift shopping and got home totally exhausted.

On Saturday I spent the day with Ali ... It was our monthly Scrap Addicts date however the other girls could not make it.  I spent the day making cards, we also went out and did our shopping for our Christmas Scrap Weekend and had lunch at Urban Angel in Boskruin... WOW!!!!  Thanks for a wonderful day my friend.

This morning I drove with my hunny to Pretoria to collect a bike he is going to service ... The weather was horrendous and on the way home it poured so hard that we could hardly see where we were driving.  To keep my nerves at bay I took my knitting with and got a couple of rows done.  When we got home I called to wish Jarod ~ he turned 16 today ~ and then chatted to Wendy about when we could pop past to give Jarod his gift.  We decided that we would meet for lunch at Gino's in Robertsham.  We had a lovely afternoon with three crazy guys ...

 These photos of Jarod make me think of Courteney ...

Then it was Liam's chance ...

The waiter brought Jarod a bottle of champagne with a sparkler in it ... That was so sweet!!!!

I spent the evening watching Strictly Come Dancing and wrapping some more Christmas gifts and adding the tags I made yesterday to the gifts I had already wrapped ~ Now I just have to deliver them.

Hope you all had a stunning weekend and that a wonderful week awaits you!!!


  1. This looks like a fun outing! I love all the silly faces but when not being silly this is a group of beautiful looking people!

    1. It was a fun outing Shawna and you are right about these gorgeous people!!!!

  2. Such fun family photos once again. Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed festive season and a 2015 filled with tons of love and joy.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. You definitely have a great looking family. You can see the love in those pics, especially the ones where everybody is letting their guards down and posting funny pics. There really is nothing more important than family. No matter where the road may take you, it is always a great feeling to know you have such a great family foundation around you.

    Wanda Hanson @ Tax-Tiger